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4 Reasons Amazon Buyers Aren’t Leaving You Feedback

March 12, 2018 3 min read
Seller Feedback Vs Product Reviews

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Most Amazon shoppers don’t leave feedback, but you don’t have to be part of the group of sellers with a blank wall. eDesk will show you the main reasons why buyers aren’t leaving reviews, and what you can do to change that.

Reason 1: They Have No Time to Leave a Review

If customers are buying from you on Amazon, they’re doing so because they value convenience and speed. It’s so much easier to click a few buttons and have the package arrive on your doorstep than it is to drive or walk to a shop, talk to a salesperson, compare the item to other models, and complete the purchase.

After they’ve pressed the ‘buy’ button, shoppers get right on with the next item on their to-do list, which is often not leaving feedback. They’ve just purchased an item, so to them, logically, the process is done and all that’s left is to wait for it to arrive. So why would they take even more time out of their busy days to sit down and craft a detailed review?

What You Can Do

You know that leaving a message takes hardly any time at all, but the buyer’s perception is that it takes an unnecessarily large amount of time. Send them a short message saying you’d appreciate it if they took just a minute to jot down a few lines about the experience. Make things even easier by including the link. And remind them that previous buyers’ reviews were one of the factors that helped them make their decision and that their feedback will be valuable to future shoppers.

Reason 2: They Think They’re Buying From Amazon Instead of You

Amazon is offering an increasingly large array of its own label of products. Plus, buyers often don’t stop to check out the individual seller on various items. They search for an item, see similar layouts, assume that it’s being sold under the Amazon umbrella, and figure there’s no need to leave a review when Amazon already underscores a strong customer experience. Why leave a review for a site that’s already promised to make them happy?

What You Can Do

For starters, you can personalize your page to separate yourself from Amazon’s brand and logo. Make sure that when buyers purchase one of your items, they know it’s an individual seller. I recently purchased a pair of headphones — when they arrived, there was a little card in the box with the company’s logo and their promise to customers (and request for feedback!). I also got a little leather bag for the headphones with the company’s name on it, which was included in a box with the company’s branding all over it. I definitely knew this was not an Amazon item.

Reason 3: They Only Think About the Product and Not the Business Behind It

When you spend the majority of your time working on something, it becomes the focal point of your attention. And when you only spend a few minutes on something, that becomes eclipsed by something more important. You spend your days working on expanding your visibility and running your business, while your buyers have their own things to think about. Everyone’s priorities are different, and you can’t project your own onto your shoppers.

What You Can Do

Understand that buyers’ priorities are different from yours and that they might not place as high a premium on reviews as you do. Give them a little time to enjoy their new toy before sending a message asking for feedback, and be polite and gentle in how you ask. And consider using something like FeedbackExpress, which can schedule messages for you.

Reason 4: Shoppers Tend to Comment Only on the Negative

Amazon’s created an amazing shopping experience for its customers: a really easy buying process, delivery as fast as a few hours, and great customer support for them. In fact, Amazon so regularly exceeds expectations that buyers can get used to that being the norm. So if you’ve done an amazing job, shoppers might tend to see that as just the baseline. And because unhappy customers are the ones likelier to vent their frustration than happy customers are to leave a review outlining how everything went off as expected, you might see less feedback.

What You Can Do

Focus on the small things that set you apart. If you don’t make an impression, buyers will have a hard time remembering you and what was so special about the experience. If you do something like use logo-branded wrapping paper or include a free little trinket, you’ll stick out in buyers’ minds. It doesn’t take much.

Feedback Solicitation Made Easy

Compared with other buying/selling aspects on Amazon, the feedback part is mostly a formulaic science. There are certain checkpoints to cross and specific actions to take. This can become mindless after a while, and you’ve also got tons of other things to work on. Delete this part from your workday by investing in eDesk Feedback, which will automate the process for you.

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