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3 ways to give better eCommerce customer service in 2022

Febbraio 17, 2022 3 min read
eCommerce Customer Service Guide

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eCommerce customer service, when done right, drives retention and conversions, and helps inform business decisions. Bad customer service, on the other hand, costs U.S. companies $62 billion a year.

In the hyper-competitive world of eCommerce, failing to deliver anything other than excellence is sure to send customers scurrying to your competitors, along with an unflattering review that could hurt future sales.  

As such, managing the customer experience has never been more important. We rounded up some tips to help you develop the level of service that today’s consumers demand.


#1. Invest in Live Chat


People generally prefer to help themselves when shopping online, but they also like having the option to get their questions answered instantly.

Don’t just take our word for it. The National Retail Federation found live chat to be one of the fastest-growing areas of omni-channel adoption, with at least 54% of retailers offering it on their websites.

Presenting live chat as a customer support option means that someone browsing a particular product page doesn’t need to click away to fill out a form and then wait for an agent to get back to them. Not to mention, with 55% of U.S. adults likely to leave a site if they can’t find the answer to a question, live chat functionality could prevent a potential customer from giving up and buying from your competitor.

If you’re still not convinced of the value of live chat, new data discovered that 59% of consumers favour customer service channels that don’t require them to use their voice. In addition, millennials prefer live chat because it’s convenient and they don’t have to wait for answers to their questions.


#2. Speak their language


Cross-border eCommerce has grown exponentially and any online seller chasing a slice of that pie needs to be ready to support customers in multiple languages.

Selling internationally presents several obstacles, not least overcoming the language barrier. If you can’t communicate with your customers, then how can you expect to grow your sales?

Even if you tailor your eCommerce site to each country and provide information in local languages, you still need to be prepared to answer any customer queries that come up.

You could hire multilingual agents, but that will cost you. And attempting manual translations by yourself is not only time-consuming and unreliable, it could also damage your reputation.

The auto-translation feature in eDesk translates incoming messages from a language you don’t speak into one that you do, making it easy to understand your customer’s concerns and speeding up your response time. Your reply will be automatically translated back into your customer’s language before sending.

#3. Personalise your automated responses


Instant responses are standard when it comes to customer service nowadays, but it’s the type of message you’re sending that sets you apart from competitors.

A basic email with no personality won’t help you develop a relationship with your customers. Automated responses are only acceptable if you use the opportunity to develop the trust required to win them over as loyal shoppers. Personalising the customer journey not only increases loyalty, but also encourages them to get in touch with you again.

eDesk enables you to send fast, personalised responses in just two clicks. It integrates with all your sales channels, giving you a complete view of your customers and their order details right there in each message, so you can respond to queries quickly and accurately.

eCommerce customer service is changing rapidly


How your business responds to the needs and expectations of the modern customer will have a massive impact on the future success of your eCommerce business.

Finding an effective and affordable means of providing always-on, personalised support is vital to stay ahead of the competition.






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