Trends & Opportunities for Marketplace Sellers as Retail Stores Reopen

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Explore the trends and opportunities predicted by some of the world’s top eCommerce advisors that sellers must know to retain, maintain and grow revenue in the post pandemic marketplace.

Featuring experts such as Miya Knights, Rick Watson, Vinny O’Brien, Colin Lewis and eDesk CEO, Alex Payne.

Why You Can’t Miss This eBook
  • Hear from Rick Watson in NYC, who with 20,000+ followers on Linkedin, is one of the foremost thought leaders on multi-marketplace sellers. Oh, and Bloomberg’s favourite eCommerce commentator.
  • Miya Knights, bestselling author of ‘Amazon’ and 'Omnichannel Retail.' Regularly speaks on BBC, ITN and Sky News about retail trends.
  • Vinny O’Brien, Irish government eCommerce advisor and CMO of Crua Outdoors, to hear about his experience of COVID driven accelerated sales.
  • Alex Payne, CEO of the world’s #1 eCommerce helpdesk, and former CMO of eBay, will talk about how support automation is changing for the better.
  • Colin Lewis, award-winning marketer and Columnist for Marketing Week, brings insights from his work with leading international brands.
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Check out more webinars

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