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Convert exceptional customer service into reviews. Automatically.

No matter where you sell, positive reviews increase conversions and generate more sales. Outreach makes it super simple to generate these using smart, selective feedback requests that resonate with your happy customers. All on auto-pilot.

Easily collect and display reviews where they matter

Set up in minutes, get reviews forever

It takes just a few minutes to set up eDesk Outreach to deliver thousands of review requests every month based on your orders.

Enhance scores for your site on Google or Trustpilot, or have your marketplace ratings rise giving your listings greater visibility. We use only approved outreach methods to make sure your review requests are within accepted best-practices.

Handle negative feedback inside your help desk

Not all feedback is positive but Outreach helps you dramatically turn negative experiences to your advantage.

When Outreach detects negative sentiment it will block the sending of a review request or allow your agents to do so.

If you receive negative feedback, Outreach will immediately funnel these to the right agents directly in your help desk, so you can reach out and resolve issues and turn things around.

Automatically follow-up for more sales

Easily generate follow up sales using targeted post-sale special offers and communications.

  • Sold a printer? Offer some ink.
  • Sold a pair of shoes? Offer a matching bag.
  • Sold one widget? Say thank you and offer three for two on the next purchase.
  • Have a customer suddently reach VIP status? Let them know they’re valued with a special VIP promo code.

There’s no limit to the order, product or customer-based triggers you can turn a small order into a larger one, and a one-purchase into repeat purchases.

Get a jump on order delays

Stuff happens! There will always be times when third-party issues mean you know in advance you will be late delivering. Most customers accept that genuine issues arise from time to time—in fact, they really appreciate getting a heads up in advance.

Now with Outreach, you can pre-empt complaints by letting your customers know there’s an issue, and reset expectations for delivery. All at the click of a mouse.

Meet your SLAs, every time

Whether they’re your own or imposed by a marketplace, Service Level Agreements (SLAs) are an important part of measuring your ability to deliver on time.

Outreach can make meeting SLAs much simpler, delivering automated replies to out-of-hours enquiries, or acknowledging incoming messages with custom text based on what a customer is saying.

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