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Chris Carder
Support Manager
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eDesk by xSellco helps our customer support team respond to every message in seconds making us more efficient.

We have used other helpdesk platforms in the past but we just weren’t getting what we needed. Before eDesk we had about 5 windows open for our marketplaces, chat, emails etc. Now everything is on one screen so our communication with customers is effective and personal. That’s the best thing about eDesk.

It has genuinely useful features that help us take care of our customers and get great feedback. The SLA feature helps us answer every message on time and stay on top of demands from the marketplaces. The reporting allows us to see what specific areas need to be improved.
Tags help separate out messages so there is no overlap between different departments.

We love the AI Response tool because it’s made answering tickets a lot quicker. Having a built- in responses that pop up when you need them means it takes seconds to answer instead of 3-4 mins. We’re saving a lot of time each day.

What makes eDesk different to other platforms is their customer service team. Our relationship means the product is constantly improving which improves the overall user experience. When you have a feature request they actually do something about it.

eDesk has really helped us streamline our processes. We are in a much stronger position because of it. I would 100% recommend it for any online seller.
Rebecca Buckley
Customer Service Manager
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We’ve been working with xSellco for over two years. We recently upgraded from Reply Manager to eDesk by xSellco.

The migration was really smooth, no disruption at all to the team. The customer support was great, they did all the migration on the backend and we were offered numerous training sessions. It was brilliant, the customer support and the technical teams are just second to none.
We were finding it challenging managing multiple customer support applications and tools but with eDesk we have been able to integrate all of our platforms, our order management system, social media and live chat into one. Rather than using multiple tools we now have everything together on one application. It’s great to have a centralized view of everything.

The new invoice feature means we can send invoices directly. It really is as simple as a click of a button. This is really important for us as our customer support agents time is limited. 27% of our customers are invoice only, so that’s a huge saving on cost and agents’ time.

We offer global fulfillment all over Europe, Canada and the U.S. which can be challenging and time- consuming. With the help of eDesk and its translation feature, we have actually reduced headcount. Now with eDesk regardless of who is in the office, what time it is or where the customer is, we are able to support them 24/7.

We’d definitely recommend eDesk. It gives you a centralized view of every aspect of the team performance and allows you to plan and prepare for peak seasons. Having eDesk and real-time reporting and analysis along with historical data allows us to forecast resources accurately for the team. It’s such a smart intuitive tool. Definitely one every online seller should be using. I don’t think we could cope without it.

We have dealt with companies in the past using other software tools. It was very difficult to get in touch with their customer support. xSellco’s customer supports team is so responsive. You can sense ambition within the company, it’s really displayed at the frontline, from customer support to the technical team. Definitely a software I’d recommend.

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