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Boosting customer loyalty in challenging times: How automation and personalization play a role

Expert panellists


Hannah Longworth

Customer Success Manager, Aircall


Evan de Vere Hunt

Senior Product Manager, eDesk

In today’s rapidly changing business landscape, it’s more important than ever to retain customers and keep them coming back. 

How can this be done? By implementing automation and personalization in your customer service strategy.

On March 29, eDesk and Aircall hosted a panel discussion to delve into the challenges that most brands face when it comes to retaining customers. The panel explored how automation and personalization can help businesses overcome these challenges and create long-term customer loyalty.
Topics we discussed include:
  • How automation helps agents meet customers’ needs more efficiently
  • Why personalization is key to building long-term loyalty
  • The key steps CS teams need to follow when implementing automation and personalization
  • How increasing customer retention drives revenue growth

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