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eDesk centralizes your support into one manageable location. Native integrations and smart features ensure that customer, product, order and shipping details are matched with incoming communications. Dynamic dashboards give you instant visibility on any aspect of your performance.



Act instantly, with all relevant customer information in a single view. Route tickets to those best equipped to respond and resolve. Use A.I. to predict the right response, while templates and autoresponders ensure you hit marketplace SLA's.



eDesk is purpose-built for online sellers.
Combining all your selling and support connections, eDesk layers the smart features eCommerce needs to go from ticket to resolution in half the time.

Rich integrations

Smart, connected and one of a kind

Only eDesk natively integrates with all the marketplaces and channels you sell on, plus all leading shopping carts, fulfillment and inventory software and social channels.


Evaluate. Act. Resolve.

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