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Reap the rewards of exceptional customer support with great customers reviews

eDesk’s Feedback module enables you to send smart selective review requests to happy customers only, on Google My Business, Trustpilot, eBay, amazon and other webstores and marketplaces – Boosting your 5-star reviews for rapid and profitable growth. It also uses automation to efficiently handle negative feedback, allowing swift turnaround strategies.

Boost your reviews and
brand reputation with:

Standard feedback rules

Send smart selective feedback requests

Customizable rule conditions can be used to target specific customers, products or geographies with review requests. Rules can be based on factors, such as on-time delivery, previous positive reviews, product purchased and lots more, to strategically boost your 5 star ratings.


Customize and personalize review requests for an impactful brand experience

Use proven email templates and insert your logos and product images, or create your own emails tailored to your brand. Personalize emails with smart dynamic placeholders for customer name, product name and more.

Preemptive communication

Proactively manage expectations ahead of unfavorable events

Use eDesk’s mailbox to easily send messages that preempt issues such as delayed delivery that may result in complaints. This resets customer expectations and lets them know you care, reducing the likelihood of a negative review.

Leverage open ticket data to ensure you never request reviews from unhappy customers

When a customer has an open customer service ticket in your eDesk mailbox, custom rules can be configured to automatically exclude these customers from receiving review requests, or allow your agents to manually exclude customers if they sense they are unhappy.

Negative Feedback management

Auto generate and assign negative feedback tickets for efficient resolution.

When a negative review is received in Feedback, you can set up custom rules to auto generate a new customer support ticket in your mailbox and immediately funnel these to the right agents, so you can reach out and resolve issues and turn things around.

Features you (and your team) will love

SLA Management

Set your SLAs and give your team realistic targets for responding to customers.

Filtered Mailbox

Create personalized filters so that you and your team can address messages more seamlessly.

Ticket Tagging

Improve reporting and mailbox filtering by labelling, grouping, and organizing your tickets.

Customer View

See your customers, orders, tickets, tracking numbers, total order value, and more all in one place.


eDesk offers insights on SLA compliance, channel stats, products and more.

Knowledge Bases

Let customers easily find the answers they seek by building your own self-service help center.

250+ Integrations

With 250+ integrations, eDesk lets you connect anywhere, all from one smart inbox.

eDesk Talk

Connect one phone number with your eDesk to allow your customer service agents to make and receive calls.

External Ticket Sharing

Easily share tickets with external parties, such as suppliers and shipping carriers.

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