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Stay organised, without lifting a finger

Deliver extraordinary service faster with our Smart Inbox, which automatically groups, prioritises and assigns incoming tickets so your team never has to.

No setup. No tags. No filters. No hands.

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We took 142 clicks, and made them into one.

With generic email and help desk solutions you can often spend precious hours creating tags and filters to organise tickets for your team – but we eliminate all that. Our Smart Inbox uses AI to group similar tickets together so your team can get through them faster.

All your multichannel messages, in just one place

Faster Responses
With Smart Inbox—common queries are grouped together, meaning you can tackle them together, saving you time and resources.

Team Friendly
In larger support teams, ticket types are often delegated. Do you have an agent or team that solely deals with refunds or shipping issues? With Smart Inbox, support agents can focus on a single ticket type and knock them all out with zero distractions.

AI Responses
With Smart Inbox, you can effortlessly resolve those familiar issues in one click with intelligently pre-written responses. Spend less time writing the same replies over & over again with a new cutting edge workflow.

Accelerate customer support with our smart tools and automations

Our AI powered automation tools streamline customer support and delivery of business insights so you can focus on selling more and realising your growth potential.

Centralised dashboard

Easily meet your SLAs and deliver seriously extraordinary customer support for all your sales channels from within one intuitive dashboard.

Artificial intelligence

Send personalised responses to common customer queries in a single click. Our AI tools analyse customer queries and automatically suggest responses so you can reply in seconds.


Meet customer expectations for speedy responses, even during peak support times or out of office hours, with automated responses that ensure they’re never left waiting.

Templates & Snippets

Respond to queries in two clicks with our customisable message templates and Snippets, which prompt agents with key transaction details so they can quickly personalise replies.


Our automatic translation functionality helps you scale your business internationally without the need for multilingual agents, by enabling your team to communicate in every language.

Full order details

See all supporting order information for every customer query by linking your eCommerce logistics and management platforms to your eDesk account.

Streamline workflows, save time.

Everything you need to keep your team and tickets organised

Targeted response times

Meet customer expectations for fast resolutions, your own response time targets and maintain SLAs by prioritising your messages by time left to respond.

Collision detection

Avoid duplicating work with alerts when more than one support agent is dealing with the same customer query no matter which channels they originate from.

User permissions

Limit access to specific data, sensitive information and functionality by controlling individual user roles permission.


Remove the need for agents to log in to your stores to manage support, and control the level of information that is accessible to your team within their dashboard view.

Here’s what our eCommerce Helpdesk looks like

We consolidate data from over 250 marketplace, webstore, communications, social media and logistics channels – more than any other customer support software provider – so you can access end-to-end order data at the click of a button.

Go from chaos to calm with eDesk

We’re trusted by thousands of customers around the world to power billions of conversations – and dollars of transactions – every year.