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From AI-driven summaries and sentiment analysis, to AI-assisted replies and HandsFree auto responses, eDesk AI is revolutionizing customer support. This helps you reduce support center costs, improve speed, and boost customer engagement.

14-day free trial  |  Available only on the Performance+ ticket-based plan

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Reduce the noise and simplify customer messages automatically, with eDesk AI Classification and Summary

With AI Message Summary, agents can reduce the time they spend scanning and trying to understand messages from customers. Not only does it provide a concise explanation of the query, our AI can determine the sentiment of the customer (negative, neutral, or positive), and identify the root cause (like damaged product), so agents can digest the message and reply faster.

Overwhelming inboxes are a thing of the past

We understand how easy it can be to get buried under too many messages – especially during busy seasons.

With AI Agent Assist, agents can get suggested responses and can reply in just a few clicks without even opening a ticket. Reply templates are created by eDesk AI, but can be customized based on your company procedures and brand tone. You have total control.

Need to dive a little deeper into the ticket? Have multiple threads? AI Ticket Summary automatically summarizes threads in one click, making it easier and faster to respond with AI Assisted replies.

Always respond on time, with a personalized approach

Our auto-prioritization technology allows your team to operate more effectively with tickets grouped in order of priority, based on business or marketplace SLA rules. This ensures you never miss an SLA deadline.

Not only will you respond in a timely manner, our AI Sentiment will prep your agents with a summarized mood of the message, helping them craft an appropriate response based on whether customers are deemed to have a positive, neutral, or negative sentiment.

Empower agents to craft responses with improved clarity, depth and speed

Do your customer support agents spend too much time trying to craft the perfect customer response? eDesk’s intelligent AI Composer empowers agents to deliver truly great customer responses in a fraction of the time. Agents can simply compose a draft response and leverage eDesk’s AI composer tool to instantly change the tone, rephrase, or expand messages to customers with just a few clicks. By effortlessly perfecting customer responses, your agents get back more time to concentrate on resolving important customer queries.

Respond HandsFree to repeat questions, so you can focus on more complex issues

When a message comes into eDesk, we use advanced AI and years of eCommerce experience to classify it into one of 20+ categories that represent the most common questions asked by buyers – all with 95%+ accuracy.

Based on AI Classification, support agents can choose from templated responses or automatically send a reply – HandsFree – without ever touching the ticket. You maintain complete control.

Retain a personalized approach with customer and order data embedded instantly into replies

AI Agent Assist helps suggest responses using pre-formatted templates that include personalization snippets like customer name, product details, shipping details, and more. This allows you to respond in one click, making your responses timely and relevant – without sounding like a robot.

PLUS, get everything you’ve come to love about eDesk

The best part? These enhancements live right alongside the features you love most about eDesk, including 200+ eCommerce and marketplace integrations, order and customer information alongside the ticket, templates, notes, and so much more.

14-day trial  |  No credit card required  | Guided setup
eDesk AI Available only on the Performance+ ticket-based plan

Common Questions

Will eDesk AI have the ability to respond to messages without an agent?

Yes, but with templates you approve ahead of time. Our AI classification uses advanced technology to determine, with 95%+ accuracy, what the query is about. 

That classification is also assigned a specific template, that you select, for use in HandsFree (send automatically) or Agent Assist mode (suggested replies).

What kind of controls will I have over automated responses?

You’ll have total control! You’ll be able to activate AI Assist or AI HandsFree for each classification. And don’t forget, you can customize what eDesk AI suggests or create your own responses, so you can set the right tone and messaging for your brand.

Can I limit which selling channels or types of messages use AI Assist or AI HandsFree?

At this time, eDesk AI is only activated based on classifications, like returns, cancellation requests, happy customer, missing items, faulty item, and more. We process 50 million messages every month – that’s billions of messages since eDesk was launched in 2012. We’ve used those learnings, coupled with new, advanced AI technology, to create highly relevant classifications, specific to the eCommerce industry.

If you’re using OpenAI, does that mean my data will be shared?

At eDesk, we place great importance on data protection. We utilize OpenAI’s GPT models to enhance customer support by understanding customer queries, summarizing long-form messages, and inferring emotions from message tones. Our implementation with OpenAI ensures that none of this data is stored on their servers and prohibits learning from the queries we submit. By leveraging AI, we empower agents to deliver efficient and superior support, all while maintaining the security of customer data.

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