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Instant support, higher sales with eDesk’s AI chatbot

Resolve up to 70% of web sales and service queries 24/7. Built for eCommerce, our AI chatbot can answer queries on products, orders and much more.

See Ava AI chatbot in action
See Ava AI chatbot in action data-lazy-srcset=
Never miss a sale, even after hours. data-lazy-srcset=
Never miss a sale, even after hours.
Convert more shoppers into buyers and increase AOV with more meaningful conversations. Ava’s deep knowledge of your products, promotions, delivery details and more, gives shoppers the answers right when they are ready to buy.
Ava knows more, so can resolve more.
Resolve your customers’ order, delivery and complex product queries in real time. Ava is built for eCommerce and securely connects with your data, which includes: order data, support and product content, FAQs, blogs PLUS your brand’s unique tone of voice.
Ava knows more, so can resolve more. data-lazy-srcset=
Have multiple brands in different regions? data-lazy-srcset=
Have multiple brands in different regions?

No problem! Aucun problème! Kein Problem! Ningún problema!
Ava’s multi-brand, multi-store and multilingual capabilities ensure you can support customers across all your D2C sales channels and seamlessly escalate unresolved queries to a central team.

Easy setup and customisation

Get started quickly and tailor conversation structures to your unique needs. Combining instant onboarding with a user-friendly yet powerful content hub and conversation flow manager; your team can easily launch and manage chatbot queries across multiple brands.

Easy to use chatbot flow builder data-lazy-srcset=
How are you performing Ava? data-lazy-srcset=
Measurable Improvements you can rely on
How are you performing, Ava?

Monitor Ava alongside your other team members to drive performance improvements. Quickly identify performance gaps with live insights including successful resolutions, escalations, missed escalations, training gaps and quality scores of responses, including CSAT (coming soon).

ChatGPT generates the best answer based on the information you train it on

Continue to provide the highest levels of quality support to your customers, but faster. Advanced AI (ChatGPT) language models and eCommerce guardrails ensure Ava asks the right questions and provides accurate on-brand answers. Scale your in-house capabilities with confidence.

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14-day trial | No credit card required | Guided setup

Don’t just take our word for it

Try a live demo

Test Ava out with a real company and see how well it can answer your questions.

Happier customers
means higher sales!

Cost saving

4x improved productivity

Reduce handling times. Reduce resolution times. Reduce steps to resolve customer queries.


72% instant resolution

Address more pre-sales and order queries instantly. Available 24/7. Rapidly escalate to agents. 


Boost revenues by +23%

Increase order volume and value with comprehensive and real time sales support.


Support 65% more shoppers

One in four orders is preceded by an Ava conversation; available even when your team is not.

Frequently asked questions

A definition of a conversation is when your shopper has engaged with chat. That means they’ve started the chat and have asked at least one question or selected one option.

Ava is a virtual agent that manages all of your initial conversations with shoppers. You can decide when Ava hands-off to a human colleague or Ava will escalate/transfer if Ava can’t resolve the shoppers question.

Very accurate! Ava generates responses based on your specific content it has been trained on, such as sites, blogs, FAQs, custom answers, ensuring precise and reliable answers without fabrication. Ava’s resolution rate of up to 72% suggests that answers are both helpful and most require no intervention from a human agent.

Yes. You have full control over when Ava is visible on your online store.

From Shopify to custom online stores, wherever you can add a chat feature through code snippet, Ava can be placed.

Certainly. Our team will help you set up Ava at no cost. Talk to the team today.


See Ava on your own webstore

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