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Turn online browsers into
buyers with Live Chat

Boost your business and build better relationships by proactively engaging with your web store visitors in real time.


Win more sales with 
faster communication

Online shoppers love instant answers to their questions, so Live Chat empowers support agents to quickly respond to queries.

With all the information they need at their fingertips, your support team can easily resolve issues, dramatically increasing the chances of making a sale. Even when your support agents are offline, a contact form will show so you never miss a message.


Increase productivity and business insights

Live Chat streamlines your agents’ workloads by providing context before a conversation even starts.

Using Tags to categorise enquiries and connecting conversations with related order details and support tickets, consolidates agents’ activities on all support channels into a single view, for efficiency and better productivity reporting.


Connect with customers proactively

Our Chat Prompts maximise your sales opportunities by engaging web store visitors at the peak of their buying journey.

Sending your buyers automated messages with special offers or social proof related to the pages they are browsing, or where they are from, encourages positive interactions with your team and gives them the confidence to purchase.


Let customers get answers without getting in touch

Increase sales and reduce chat tasks for your support team by highlighting special offers and seasonal promotions or preemptively providing links to information that your web store visitors might find useful.

Our Self Service Links appear as soon as a customer clicks on Live Chat so your support agents can focus on resolving more challenging issues.


Personalise your chat 
and measure its success

You can be up and running in minutes using a widget to add Live Chat to your web store, and you can tailor the look and tone of Live Chat to ensure a familiar, on-brand experience for your customers.

Build credibility and encourage loyalty that’s measurable using a message that asks your customer to rate their chat.

Customize your plan with Live Chat

Features to go above and beyond. Encourage reviews of your excellent support, or expand to multiple markets without the language barrier. Available on all trials and plans.

Empowers agents to quickly respond to queries and build better relationships by engaging with your web store visitors in real time.

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