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Top 12 strategies to improve customer satisfaction in 2024

Learn how top multinational eCommerce sellers such as Sennheiser, Pertemba and Wetsuit Outlet are leveraging a unified help 
desk to help them expand internationally; plus continue to provide exceptional customer service and even reduce their costs.
of consumers say that customer service is a critical factor in deciding whether to shop or not with a merchant.
How do you maintain high service levels while continuing to expand across more marketplaces and keep costs in check? Here are 10 customer service strategies that high-growth sellers such as Sennheiser, Pertemba, Wetsuit Outlet and more are deploying to drive improved customer satisfaction. If you’d like to learn more, talk to our team about how you can improve customer satisfaction in 2024.

Top strategies to improve customer satisfaction

Centralized communications

Consolidate your customer service tools into a single platform to ensure no customer/message is overlooked or replies are needlessly delayed

AI-powered responses

Implement AI-powered responses to provide quick, accurate, and consistent answers to common customer queries.

AI-powered auto-translation

Integrate with nearly 300 international marketplaces and web stores to streamline customer service operations.

Integrated management tools

Streamline your returns, cancellations and refunds processes with integrated management tools to swiftly handle customer issues.

Automated support workflows

Build automated support workflows to prioritize urgent queries and allocate them to the most appropriate team members.

Monitor customer satisfaction

Monitor customer satisfaction with built-in feedback tools and CSAT surveys to continually improve service quality.

Reporting and analytics

Tap into detailed reporting and analytics to identify trends by product, channel or agent, and make data-driven decisions.

Offer self-service options

Offer self-service options like Chatbots, FAQs and knowledge bases to allow customers to swiftly find solutions on their own.


Integrate your help desk with all your eCommerce platforms and marketplaces to seamlessly support customers across all your channels.

Team collaboration tools

Utilize team collaboration and communication tools to deliver coordinated responses of higher quality to meet customer needs.

24/7 customer support

Offer 24/7 customer support that is highly personalized to the query, the customer and the order; catering to customers in different time zones.

Smart slective feedback requests

Use targeted feedback requests to boost 5* reviews from your happiest customers and convert their positive experiences into new sales.

Wetsuit Outlet is Europe’s largest water sports clothing and equipment supplier. Before using eDesk, their systems were disjointed.

They had their tickets, live chat and phone all through different systems. There was no way to effectively assign tickets to different agents and no way to manage or record response times. By implementing a unified inbox, they were able to deliver enhanced efficiency and reduce their response time by 38%.

Wetsuit Outlet results using eDesk

38% decrease in response time & a
5-star Trustpilot score

Susie Waghorn
Head of Customer Service, Wetsuit Outlet

“It’s so easy to integrate, and to have all of your customer queries all in one place from all of the different places that you sell – is just a dream.”

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