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Break down language barriers and build better connections with AI Translation


Build trust with precise, personalized support in any language

eDesk AI Translation offers unrivalled language fluency and grammar accuracy, leading to increased customer trust in the support agent and the brand. The outgoing message language will auto-adjust to align with the most used language by the customer in the ticket thread. Agents can also choose a language manually, giving them a fail-safe, ensuring they reply in the correct language each time.


A seamless translation experience to satisfy global customers without added effort

eDesk’s language detection algorithm automatically presents messages to customers and agents in their native language, regardless of how the message was originally composed. Translations are automated in both tickets and live chat, saving your agents time, allowing for efficient and effective communication.


Dramatically reduce service center costs

Expanding into multiple territories can be a big investment when hiring multilingual support agents. By utilizing our AI Translation feature, you can support more customers with the agents you already have, regardless of their language capabilities, keeping support costs at a minimum.

Customize your plan with AI Translation

Support international customers with automatic bi-directional AI language translation of incoming and outgoing tickets and chats.

Ask your product specialist about adding AI Translation to your trial or activate in subscriptions


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The AI Translation feature supports all major languages.

Our AI Translation feature aims to provide accurate translations, with improvements of up to 30% in accuracy compared to previous machine learning methods. However, please note that no automated translation system is perfect, and results may vary depending on the complexity of the text and language pair.

At the moment, the translation settings are standardized across the platform. However, we are constantly working to improve our features, and customization options may be available in future updates.

Our AI Translate feature represents a significant advancement over our previous auto translate feature. While both technologies aim to provide multilingual support, AI Translation utilizes state-of-the-art natural language processing algorithms, resulting in more accurate and contextually relevant translations. Additionally, AI Translation offers improved language detection capabilities and a more seamless user experience.

We take privacy and security seriously. Our implementation with OpenAI ensures that none of this data is stored on their servers and prohibits learning from the queries we submit.

The AI Translation feature is an add-on to your eDesk subscription. Pricing starts at €21/£17/$21 per month and will vary based on your existing subscription type. Please consult your eDesk Account Manager or Customer Support team for pricing tailored to your individual account.

Typically, all users on your account will have the authority to enroll your account on a 14 day trial. Your account admin will be immediately notified of your trial enrollment.

Have more questions? A member of our team would be happy to talk to you.

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