Finally! A safe, automated way to get Amazon reviews and feedback.

  • 100% Amazon compliant
  • Customers can give star ratings inside the email
  • Use it even if you have been restricted from sending proactive messages
  • Will not trigger if a buyer has already left a review
  • Choose when to send the request and which orders to send it for—the rest is done automatically!
  • Most of your competitors don’t know about it 🤫
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Get up to 52% more* Amazon reviews and feedback automatically

eDesk Feedback uses the same system behind the Request a Review feature in Seller Central, so it’s 100% compliant with Amazon’s policies, and you can use it even if you have been restricted from sending proactive messages before.

Get feedback while you sleep! No manual clicking per order—just a fully automated process. Job done!

Do feedback and reviews really matter?

Absolutely. Your seller rating and feedback score are key metrics used by Amazon to determine who wins the Buy Box. Sellers with consistently stellar customer service and seller ratings can typically win the Buy Box at higher prices and profit margins than competitors with lower feedback scores.

Did you know that 82% of Amazon sales are made through the Buy Box, and even more than that on mobile devices, which has seen exponential growth over the past 18 months?

Push lower priced competitors out of the running

Amazon wants to give customers the best possible buying experience, and that doesn’t always mean the lowest price. Your feedback scores are a major factor when it comes to winning the all-important Buy Box.

From the example below, the higher priced seller on the left will always win the Buy Box—allowing them to win the sale more profitably.

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5 reasons why Amazon’s system outperforms your own messages

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*Data from 100 beta users who experienced an average rise in review and seller feedback count of 52% during the first 15 days of using the automated Amazon Request a Review feature.

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