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Stay on top of key
support metrics and trends.

Powerful built-in reports help you analyze, understand and share key metrics about your support team, your customers, products and sales.

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Monitor Live Ticket Breakdown

Get an overview of tickets received and resolved, along with the ‘one and done’ percentage. Monitor which channel is generating the highest percentage of tickets and get a breakdown of the top 5 query types and tags across all sales channels.

Unlock Real-time Order Insights

Quickly view total order value, order count, and average order value. Easily see how your order data is split across each sales channel and track the fluctuations compared to the previous day or month.

Stay On Top of Reviews & Feedback

Monitor all recent Amazon and eBay reviews and Feedback as it arrives in your eDesk account and easily zero in on negative and neutral reviews. You’ll even have full visibility into the associated sales channel, customer name, feedback timestamp, and star rating, right at your fingertips.

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