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Eliminate chaos by centralizing all your sales and messaging channels

No more tab switching or relying on third-party add ons. eDesk provides your team with a unified smart inbox that consolidates queries from all your sales and communications channels.


Connect your marketplaces!

Yes, all of them. No, you don’t need a third party.

Selling on marketplaces offers your brand built-in trust and an expanded customer base, however, each marketplace comes with their own rules and requirements for customer support. eDesk minimizes effort and risk by allowing for rules and settings that can be customized to meet compliance regulations for Amazon, eBay, Walmart, Mirakl – any marketplace! Not only that, your team can completely eliminate tab-switching and multiple logins, streamlining your support processes and saving loads of time.


Build your brand reputation

Your webstore is your virtual storefront. It shines as a representative of your brand and is the basis for your online reputation. Building trust with visitors to your eCommerce site is critical. No matter how your store is built – Shopify, BigCommerce, Magento, etc.– eDesk will bring your webstore queries and live chat messages directly to one single inbox, giving you the power to reply efficiently and win over customers again and again.


Categorized for efficient organization to aid support agents in locating tickets.


Prioritize tickets to help manage workloads and meet SLAs.

Filtering and Search

Quick searching and filtering of tickets, simplifying issue identification and resolution.


Reduce your email inboxes down to just one eDesk inbox

An email address can often be the first thing customers look for when they need support. Ensure all of your customers’ emails are answered, without multiple support agents having to login to multiple inboxes and track responses. Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo! and other email providers integrate seamlessly with eDesk, sending your customers messages to eDesk’s smart inbox, where they can be assigned an owner via custom routing, SLA rules, and other collaborative tools that ensure your team is providing 5-star support.


Share ticket and customer data internally and externally

Social Media Integrations

By using eDesk, you'll know about all comments immediately and can work to resolve any issues while protecting your public image.


Keep the conversation going on social media

Online customers are reaching out for support and answers everywhere your brand is – and that certainly includes Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, and more. The best support teams are meeting their customers everywhere they are. But multichannel support doesn’t need to be daunting. Integrating your social channels with eDesk sends your direct messages, posts, and comments straight to your inbox. No communication missed!

Features you (and your team) will love

SLA Management

Set your SLAs and give your team realistic targets for responding to customers.

Filtered Mailbox

Create personalized filters so that you and your team can address messages more seamlessly.

Ticket Tagging

Improve reporting and mailbox filtering by labelling, grouping, and organizing your tickets.

Customer View

See your customers, orders, tickets, tracking numbers, total order value, and more all in one place.


eDesk offers insights on SLA compliance, channel stats, products and more.

Knowledge Bases

Let customers easily find the answers they seek by building your own self-service help center.

250+ Integrations

With 250+ integrations, eDesk lets you connect anywhere, all from one smart inbox.

eDesk Talk

Connect one phone number with your eDesk to allow your customer service agents to make and receive calls.

External Ticket Sharing

Easily share tickets with external parties, such as suppliers and shipping carriers.

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