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Are you losing business because of poor customer service?

Find out with an instant audit with our FREE eCommerce customer support scorecard: based on the best practices of over 5,000 eCommerce customer support teams.

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See how your customer support is really performing with a unique 100-point support scorecard

Benchmark your performance against your peers in the industry. Then, access Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and software guides to radically transform your support across four key dimensions of Customer Satisfaction, Retention & Growth, Efficiency & Cost Management and Team Performance. 

What does the scorecard help with?

Customer Satisfaction data-lazy-srcset=

level up your

Customer satisfaction

Kick-start your free customer satisfaction audit to gauge your team’s performance! This comprehensive checklist allows you to self-assess and measure your success in delivering exceptional customer experiences.

Evaluate response times, personalization, complaint resolution, proactive communication, and feedback management. Uncover areas for improvement and elevate your customer satisfaction game to new heights!

Retention & Growth data-lazy-srcset=

maximize your

Retention & growth

Complete our powerful retention and revenue growth audit that will revolutionize your business! Mark your current performance in how well you monitor and report on product performance, use of live chat pre-sales, and post-purchase follow-ups to drive retention.

Are you utilizing AI, customer data, and segmentation to optimize cross-selling and upselling opportunities? Is there seamless collaboration between support and sales teams? Unlock the potential for unrivaled growth and skyrocket your revenue like never before!

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improve your

Efficiency & cost management

Are you operating efficiently to fuel profitable scaling for your business? How well do you monitor key metrics, leverage data analytics, and utilize AI-powered automations to streamline customer service processes?

From AI, templates and rule-based automations to unified helpdesks and seamless collaborations, this audit empowers you to shorten response times and reduce handling times. Scale with ease and maximize profitability like never before!

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enhance your

Team performance

Unlock your team’s potential with this dynamic review of performance and support systems for your people! How effectively are you monitoring agent metrics, leveraging customer feedback, and utilizing AI to improve processes.

Do you invest in ongoing training, incentives, and clear and consistent scripts for your team. Do you set goals and empower your team with performance dashboards. This checklist will elevate your team’s performance and help you exceed customer expectations.

Ready to find out what improvements you can make in your customer support? Download our scorecard now.

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