Gathering reviews for everywhere you sell online has never been so simple.

No matter where you sell online, positive reviews increase conversions and help product visibility. eDesk lets you automatically turn every online sale or great customer interaction into a review request.
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Abbey Render, Assistant Manager, Indigo Herbs
Abbey from Indigo Herbs

Reviews drive sales and Trust

You know it. We know it. But nonetheless, the stats are still eye-popping...

Comparing feedback scores for different sellers

If you’re not gathering reviews everywhere you sell, you’re losing sale after sale

Whether you're on Amazon, eBay, your own Shopify store, or any store for that matter, online shoppers are checking your online reviews before making a decision to buy. If those stars aren’t shining 🌟⭐️ those tills won’t be ringing!

But Amazon has its own review system, eBay has its own, Trustpilot is fantastic for web stores but it’s yet another system—and if you want to bolster conversions through Google search—well that’s another system. 😱

But eDesk Feedback brings it all together!

Reviews matter

Gather reviews on the platforms that matter


Finally! A safe, automated way to get Amazon reviews and feedback.

We use the same system behind the Request a Review feature in Seller Central, so our integration is 100% compliant with Amazon’s policies. No manual clicking per order—just a fully automated process for getting the reviews & feedback you deserve. Job done!

Feedback on Amazon

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North Laine Accessories
North Laine Accessories

Put eBay feedback requests on auto-pilot

eDesk offers one of the simplest ways to automatically request feedback across your eBay channels.

Ensure you have that “personal touch” by adding snippets to your review requests even when sending to large volumes—fully personalized messages will increase your customers' interest & engagement every time.

Comparing feedback scores for different sellers

Boost conversions on your webstores by automatically converting orders into Trustpilot reviews

Get your Trustpilot score up to where you want it to be by automating your review requests with eDesk. This new integration works with the Trustpilot Standard Plan and above—so there's really nothing standing in the way between you and brilliant customer reviews. 😀

Trustpilot reviews work
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Google My Business

Leverage the customer service you’re offering and tell the world about it.

Improve your social proof and organic search by automatically requesting reviews that show on your Google business profile.

Help new customers see that you're a trusted seller and business 🙌.

Selling on Google My Business


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