Get more reviews everywhere you sell

No matter where you sell online, positive reviews increase conversions and help product visibility. Feedback helps you automatically turn every great online sale and customer interaction into a request for a great review. 

Target positive feedback with smart selective requests on Amazon, eBay, Trustpilot and more.

Put eBay feedback requests on auto-pilot

Feedback offers one of the simplest ways to automatically request reviews from your eBay channels. Increase customer interest and engagement every time by personalising your requests even when sending to large volumes.

Finally there’s a compliant way to get automated Amazon reviews and feedback

Our Feedback tool automates the Request a Review feature in Amazon Seller Central, so it’s 100% compliant with Amazon’s policies. There’s no manual clicking through every order, just a fully automated process for getting the reviews and feedback you deserve. 

Boost conversions by automatically turning orders into Trustpilot reviews

Get your Trustpilot score up by automating your review requests with our Feedback tool which works with the Trustpilot Standard Plan and above so there’s nothing standing in the way between you and brilliant customer reviews.

Let Google tell the world about your amazing customer service

Improve your organic search results and help new customers see that you’re a trusted seller by requesting reviews that automatically show on your Google business profile.

Reviews drive sales and trust

The stats from our survey of eCommerce buyers are eye-popping…


of customers are more likely to give a review if an email is sent following a positive experience


 of customers always check online reviews before making a purchase online


of customers contact customer service before leaving a negative review

All eDesk plans include Feedback Lite at no additional cost.


$ 109

billed annually

Or $119 billed monthly


Feedback requests per month


$ 219

billed annually

Or $249 billed monthly


Feedback requests per month


$ 349

billed annually

Or $379 billed monthly


Feedback requests per month

Feedback Lite

up to

250 requests

per month

Feedback in eDesk

Boost your reviews and reputation today

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