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Streamline Nocibé customer support with centralized customer and operator communications in eDesk.

Nocibé and eDesk

Deliver seamless customer support on Nocibé with eDesk. By connecting your Nocibé account to eDesk, you can consolidate messages, orders, and essential information from Nocibé and your other sales and communication channels in one centralized platform, streamlining your Support Team’s workflow.
  • Use eDesks smart inbox to effectively manage Nocibé SLAs. Automatically centralize and prioritize expiring tickets from Nocibé and other sales channels in eDesk to meet customer expectations
  • Equip your agents with the context needed to provide quick and informed responses with all customer and order data automatically attached to each eDesk ticket
  • Resolve customer issues in a flash with automatic ticket creation when an incident is raised in Mirakl. You’ll have flexibility to message either the customer or Nocibé centrally, when operator intervention is necessary.
  • Leverage built-in AI automations to create prompt, personalized responses, using message templates and snippets to auto-populate relevant customer order data from Nocibé.
  • Utilize comprehensive reporting features to analyze support performance for Nocibé against other channels, make data-driven decisions, and enhance overall efficiency.
  • Auto-translate messages for a global audience, expanding your reach and breaking language barriers on the Nocibé marketplace.

Eliminate chaos thanks to native integrations with all your sales and messaging channels.

No more tab switching or relying on third-party add ons. eDesk provides your team with a unified smart inbox that consolidates queries from all your sales and communications channels.

Reduce handling times with instant access to the full context of each customer query

Only eDesk enables you to associate each customer message with the order and full customer history, across EVERY sales channel. Deploy personalization at scale by automatically using personal data in responses.

Achieve 4x improved productivity with next generation AI-driven & rule-based automations

Create happier, more high-performing teams with eDesk’s AI-powered automations AND happier, more satisfied customers with rapid and personalized responses to queries 24/7.

Resolve complex queries faster with market-leading collaboration features

Ensure customer questions are addressed comprehensively and rapidly, first time. With a suite of collaboration tools you can manually and automatically loop in and track responses from your colleagues.

Analyse and optimize support operations with comprehensive real-time reporting

A full suite of up to the minute reports on all aspects of your customer operations, enables you to make better decisions in resource, channel and product management.

Reap the rewards of exceptional customer support with great customers reviews

eDesk’s Feedback module enables you easily automate review requests to happy customers, ensuring you achieve the highest volume of 5-star reviews; enabling you to grow faster and scale more profitiably.

Features you (and your team) will love

SLA Management

Set your SLAs and give your team realistic targets for responding to customers.

Filtered Mailbox

Create personalized filters so that you and your team can address messages more seamlessly.

Ticket Tagging

Improve reporting and mailbox filtering by labelling, grouping, and organizing your tickets.

Customer View

See your customers, orders, tickets, tracking numbers, total order value, and more all in one place.


eDesk offers insights on SLA compliance, channel stats, products and more.

Knowledge Bases

Let customers easily find the answers they seek by building your own self-service help center.

250+ Integrations

With 250+ integrations, eDesk lets you connect anywhere, all from one smart inbox.

eDesk Talk

Connect one phone number with your eDesk to allow your customer service agents to make and receive calls.

External Ticket Sharing

Easily share tickets with external parties, such as suppliers and shipping carriers.

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