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About ShippingBo

A multi-channel, multi-warehouses and multi-carriers solutions.

Shippingbo is the reference solution for e-merchants, retailers, brands, manufacturers, wholesalers,… who want to optimize their e-commerce logistics and maximize their sales.  It is composed of three features : OMS, WMS and TMS.

The combination of these three tools allows you to use a single solution to process and optimize your end-to-end e-commerce logistics – from orders collection to shipping of omnichannel orders.

Finally, we offer our community of customers the opportunity to connect with more than 40 logistics providers specialising in e-commerce

  • Service Description
  • OMS to manage orders and stocks in real time on more than 120 sales channels. It is connected to all your internal or external warehouses.
  • WMS to optimize the management of your internal warehouses and prepare your orders more efficiently.
  • TMS to connect more than 40 carriers and organise efficient transport mapping according to cost, delivery promise, order source, destination, etc.

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