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Based in Northern England, Right Deals UK is a furniture e-tailer that offers new, set-to-clear, and overstock furniture from some of the UK’s favorite high street retailers at discounted prices. The company was founded in 2010 by three people and a pallet of furniture. Today, Right Deals UK has grown into a multi-million-pound company selling high-quality furniture at discounted prices to customers worldwide.

We can now handle support tickets five times faster than with our previous helpdesk solution.

“eDesk makes us more efficient as a team. We can now handle support tickets five times faster than with our previous helpdesk solution. With eDesk, we can instantly reply to customers on Facebook and through Live Chat, which helps turn queries into sales. eDesk pays for itself many times over as good communication with customers equals sales.”

James Sonley
Sales Director, Right Deals UK


As the company started selling through multiple channels and new marketplaces, sales grew to over £5m a year and Right Deals UK realized a need for a more advanced solution. In particular, a solution capable of integrating with social channels such as Facebook and Instagram — areas where customer messages had increased dramatically.

This need was compounded by the impact of the coronavirus pandemic on the UK in Q1 2020; the resulting lockdown caused Right Deals UK to experience a sharp increase in sales due to customer demand for both garden and home office furniture. With overall sales more than tripling, the increased demand and volume of sales led to a rise in customer support tickets, resulting in the Right Deals UK customer service team in need of a more sophisticated solution. 

The company had three main areas in which it wanted to upgrade its customer service offering:

  • An improved overall help desk ticketing solution that could seamlessly centralize various customer enquiries from Amazon, eBay, web, and social media — all in one place
  • A better solution for soliciting feedback requests on Amazon and eBay
  • A live chat solution to provide immediate responses to customer enquiries


After a thorough review of various solutions, Right Deals UK Sales Director James Sonley found that eDesk was the clear winner. Unlike other solutions, eDesk had all the integrations and features his team needed, thanks to its all-in-one ecommerce customer service and feedback platform: eDesk, Feedback and Live Chat.

eDesk’s seamless integration with Facebook and Instagram means the customer support team can manage all messages in one place, via one login. Agents can answer questions directly from eDesk without requiring multiple users to have login access to the company’s Facebook business page. The support team loves the ability to filter tickets by marketplaces, ticket status, type and more. They also see huge value in the ability to collaborate on tickets using the “@ mention” feature.

Right Deals UK recognized the increasing expectations of customers in today’s fast-paced digital era. They understood that customers no longer accept waiting 24-48 hours for a response and that a delayed reply could potentially result in lost sales.  

Therefore, the Right Deals UK team was keen to try out a live chat service on their website. The team at Right Deals UK took advantage of the free 14-day trial of eDesk’s Live Chat add-on. After the two week trial period, Sales Director James was able to see that the feature would easily pay for itself. Leveraging reporting statistics, James was easily able to identify when a customer who received an instant reply to their query via Live Chat went on to complete a purchase.

Before implementing eDesk, Right Deals UK used FeedbackExpress to automate feedback requests on Amazon and eBay. The company decided to move to eDesk Feedback as sales volume across these channels ramped up. With eDesk Feedback, the customer service team can easily view full message history before sending a request for feedback or a product review ensuring that all customer issues are resolved before feedback is solicited. 

Using eDesk Feedback in this way helps maintain the company’s excellent feedback rating on Amazon and eBay.

”In the past 12 months, Right Deals UK has amassed 3,022 positive feedback ratings on eBay, resulting in a 97.5% positive feedback rating. The company is an eBay top-rated seller, meaning it is one of the most reputable sellers on the marketplaces, which consistently delivers outstanding customer service.”


With eDesk’s help desk solution, Right Deals UK was able to respond to customer queries five times faster compared to their previous system. This enhanced efficiency helped the company meet the high customer service standards expected by platforms like Amazon, eBay, and their own website customers.

“Without eDesk, it would not be possible to provide the level of support that Amazon, eBay and, most importantly, our own web customers expect from us.

eDesk’s Live Chat feature empowered Right Deals UK to provide instant replies to customer queries, eliminating any waiting time. eDesk insights revealed that a significant majority of Live Chat interactions helped turn website browsers into buyers.

Through their partnership with eDesk, Right Deals UK achieved remarkable results in terms of faster response times, improved feedback ratings, increased sales conversions, and enhanced brand loyalty. This lead to Right Deals UK successfully attaining eBay’s prestigious “Top Rated Seller” status. They were able to minimize negative feedback, with an impressive 97.6% positive feedback rating.

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