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How eDesk helped MyBoatStore rebuild customer relationships and drive revenue.

Strengthened customer relationships

Improved agent efficiency

COMPANY offers proven boat maintenance and restoration products 




Webstore, eBay, Amazon, Walmart, Sears, newegg



Centralized inbox


MyBoatStore offers a range of boat maintenance and restoration products that have been personally tested, researched, and ultimately recommended by the in-house team. The company sells on Amazon, eBay and their own website and uses eDesk to manage its customer support.

eDesk allows us to keep up with business sales and not implode. We now have one system to manage everything.

“eDesk allows us to keep up with business sales and not implode. We now have one system to manage everything. Having a multi-platform in one place certainly streamlines the customer service module and from a cost benefit point of view eDesk was better value for us than getting our IT team to build their own. My business is my passion and we take care of our customers so they come back.”

Scott Griggs
Sales Manager, Sauder


As the business grew and online marketplaces became more prevalent, MyBoatStore had to adapt their strategy. Having started out selling only a handful of products, with 100% of sales coming from their webstore, MyBoatStore had to increase distribution channels and widen their catalog.  As the business began growing at a very rapid rate, It became difficult to stay on top of customer support as it required managing various channels by logging in and out of them all to try and tackle support.

During Covid-19 MyBoatStore saw an unexpected spike in sales because people were sitting at home with lots of free time to work on their boats, which in turn, resulted in an increase in customer queries.

While MyBoatStore has been protected in many ways, having such a heavy reliance on online marketplaces has left it exposed to lots of variables that are outside of Greg’s control. So much of MyBoatStore’s success was built on deep connections with the customer.  When they started putting products on online marketplaces, they did so reluctantly as they feared they’d lose the close customer connection. Once MyBoatStore hit 20,000 SKUs, the close customer relationship slowly began to fade away. That is just the nature of operating within online marketplaces. It creates a barrier to direct customer conversations, which is a far cry from MyBoatStore’s roots.


Greg and his team started using eDesk to handle the increased demand for customer support during Covid-19 when ticket volumes increased by 40%. It was during this time that they realized it was time to focus on re-establishing the relationship with its customer base. The company’s twenty-year journey, with all its tacking and gybing, had pulled them away from the community that it loved. And in order to keep moving forward, MyBoatStore needed to reconnect with its people.

By providing a centralized inbox for all incoming customer messages from Amazon and eBay, eDesk enabled Greg and his team to do just that. Increased visibility and control over customer support has helped to rebuild customer relationships and drive revenue.


For MyBoatStore, eDesk helped restore the human element of customer service, allowing them to build better customer connections that drive customer loyalty and revenue.

Having a centralized inbox helped greg and his team gain better control over customer support as the business continued to grow.

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