How eDesk helped Cymax centralise multichannel customer support


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“We strive to provide clear and concise communication because each customer is an invaluable ingredient to our success. We love the aesthetic of this tool, the UI is intuitive and user-friendly and it has helped significantly with our workflow and efficiency. The team at eDesk has been very helpful and approachable since we onboarded.”
Claire Dusoe, Senior Operations Manager

Multiple marketplaces and processes were the problem

As a leader in online sales for all items home and office, Cymax strives for ultimate customer satisfaction. But with over 75,000 SKUs selling on dozens of marketplaces, their ambition to create the optimal experience for their customers was a challenge.

Cymax needed to log into and review the message portal for each channel individually to monitor response times and ensure adherence to servicelevel agreements. And there was a lot of manual work to manage all of the various message channels, which was inefficient and unsustainable. Centralising systems was the solution

As the market for furniture boomed worldwide, Cymax knew they could do better as they moved forward.

Centralising systems was the solution

Dedicated to trendsetting in customer service, product selection and eCommerce technology, Cymax realised they needed a fit for purpose support desk to help them scale customer service.

The online furniture retailer wanted to centralise messages from multiple marketplaces into a single inbox. After trialling various alternative solutions, Cymax selected eDesk to tackle messaging’s mission impossible – creating one inbox to rule them all.

Built for eCommerce, eDesk has helped the team at Cymax to revolutionise their workflows, centralise all messages and simplify reporting. User roles are clearly defined and the customer support team now works primarily within one inbox.

eDesk’s dashboard view provides Cymax with over-arching visibility of all their communication channels, leading to reduced response times. This means they can now easily meet their service-level agreements, and deliver the superior customer service they are so passionate about.


  • Improved workflows
  • Increased efficiency
  • Centralised Customer Support

About Cymax

Cymax is one of the fastest growing online furniture and home goods retailers with annual sales exceeding US $100 million. From their headquarters in British Columbia, Canada, the eCommerce business ships furniture and decor to homes and offices across the US and Canada.

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