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Refer your friends, unlock $400 in rewards per referral, and tap into unlimited earning potential

Are you a fan of eDesk’s powerful solutions? Your friends will be too! Introducing eDesk’s Refer-a-Friend program, where the rewards are as lucrative as eDesk. By referring a friend, you not only gift them the exceptional benefits of eDesk but also open the door to a treasure trove of rewards – A whopping $200 cash for yourself, and $200 eDesk credit for your friend!

What’s on offer?

Refer a friend and unlock $400 of rewards for you and your friend!

When your friend takes the plunge and becomes a paying eDesk customer, it’s a win-win for everyone. What’s not to love?


For you

$200 cash reward


For your friend

$200 eDesk Account Credit

Unlimited Earning Potential

The more friends you refer to eDesk, the more opportunities you have to be rewarded.

How to Earn

Are you ready to embark on a journey of unlimited earning potential? Our step-by-step process makes it easy to spread the word, earn rewards, and watch your network thrive.

Who should I invite?

Want to be sure your referral is a good fit? There’s a lot of different roles that can benefit from eDesk, but here’s a few tips that narrow down someone who should know about eDesk.

Join over 5,000 eCommerce brands already using our helpdesk to service customers globally 

We found integration super easy…the software is simple to navigate.

“We found integration super easy, and the eDesk team is a great support when setting up new channels. From a user perspective, the software is simple to navigate, especially the live reporting, both for day-to-day users and our leadership team.”

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We have reduced average customer response times by 84%

“We love eDesk because it saves us so much time. We have reduced average customer response times by 84%.”

Why recommend eDesk?

Unified eCommerce Inbox

Our unified inbox consolidates customer communications from various channels with eCommerce data, ensuring timely responses and a seamless, satisfying experience for customers.

AI Automation

eDesk’s AI driven automations elevate productivity by handling routine tasks, enabling your team to focus on personalized customer interactions that foster loyalty and engagement.

Streamlined Collaboration

eDesk unites internal and external teams and departments for cohesive customer support efforts, ultimately resulting in quicker resolutions and enhanced customer satisfaction.

Smart Insights

eDesk harnesses the power of data-driven decision-making to optimize strategies and improve processes, thereby driving sustainable business growth and success.