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How to provide an extraordinary multi-channel customer experience

Expert team of panellists


Fiona O'Connor

Moderator, VP Marketing, eDesk


Abhi Tiwari

Director Product Management and Technology, Amazon Multi-Channel Fulfillment


Alison Held 

Senior Product Manager, ChannelAdvisor


Darren Heaphy

Head of Product, eDesk

For most eCommerce retailers, adopting a multi-channel strategy is one of the most effective ways to grow their business. However, expanding online businesses across other channels and/or geographies is challenging, especially when you can’t apply the same setup across channels and fulfillment is fragmented. Core to successfully scaling will be maintaining a great customer experience whilst navigating all these new changes.

On Thursday 3rd March 2022, our team of expert panelists from Amazon Multi-Channel FulfillmentChannelAdvisor, and eDesk took a deep dive into what’s needed to simplify growth complexity without compromising on providing an extraordinary customer experience.

Topics we discuss included;

  • Growing effectively in multiple geographies and new channels
  • Challenges and steps an online retailer can take when expanding into new channels and/or countries to maintain a consistently good customer experience
  • Building a solid foundation to support a high customer experience
  • What drives customer queries and satisfaction, to maintain, scale and build reputation

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