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How eDesk and Mirakl Connect helped Life Interiors cut response times by 60% and boost sales by 40%

Prabhat Rai – Co-founder,

Life Interiors


reduction in response times


Increase in sales


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Life Interiors is a renowned brand in the furniture industry



eBay, Amazon, Mirakl Connect, BigCommerce, Cdiscount, Rakuten, FNAC



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Life Interiors is a renowned brand in the furniture industry, founded by Prabhat Rai, with a vision to provide modern, stylish, and affordable furniture solutions. With a decade-long presence in the market, Life Interiors has successfully expanded its reach across the UK, EU, and US, primarily through various marketplaces.

With eDesk, we’ve experienced improved response times, enhanced customer satisfaction, and streamlined communication, all of which are critical factors in the competitive e-commerce landscape.


Life interiors had a goal to onboard multiple new marketplaces across various regions each year, and were seeking a new way to streamline this expansion.

However as the Life Interiors brand grew, managing customer support became increasingly challenging as they experienced a 20% increase in number of tickets year on year. Handling queries and issues across different platforms led to inefficiencies, hampering the brand’s ability to meet customer service metrics and maintain high-quality support.

Customer support had become a very cumbersome process, requiring agents to go from marketplace to marketplace to answer customer queries. This caused numerous challenges such as not having centralized visibility of overall performance, which would lead to degraded customer service, not meeting customer service SLA’s


Mirakl Connect

Life Interiors currently sell on around 45 marketplaces including eBay, Amazon, and Mirakl Connect. Life interiors have been selling on the Mirakl Connect ecosystem for the past 3 years, and in that time have added 11 new Mirakl-powered marketplaces to their portfolio. Prabhat chose Mirakl Connect as the solution to help the brand expand their marketplace presence based on their reputation as a leading marketplace solution that fosters seamless connections between marketplaces, sellers, and buyers. The platform’s scalability and diverse marketplace partners and their emphasis on growth aligned perfectly with the brand values of Life Interiors.

Prabhat says that becoming part of the Mirakl Connect ecosystem has truly been a catalyst for the growth and success for Life Interiors, enabling the brand to reach a diverse audience and strengthen their brand presence with very little effort required to onboard their brand to other marketplaces within the ecosystem.


As the brand expanded their marketplace presence through Mirakl Connect, Prabhat turned to eDesk – the only helpdesk that natively integrates with Mirakl Connect marketplaces – to streamline their customer support processes.

eDesk helped Prabhat to bring all customer support data together in one platform and leverage insights on the performance of each customer support agent to drive improvements, which has been a game changer for the brand.

Despite ticket volumes increasing year on year, customer support quality hasn’t suffered and that’s down to the centralization and automation capabilities in eDesk that empower agents to provide prompt responses to customer queries. One feature that Prabhat and his team couldn’t live without is eDesk’s AI Summary features which assists agents by providing a concise summary of the customer message, or the entire ticket thread. This gives agents an instant understanding of customer issues, without the need to reread messages or scroll through the ticket multiple times to comprehend the issue.

eDesk has proven to be an invaluable partner to Life interiors, empowering them to provide exceptional customer service seamlessly, as they continue to grow their marketplace presence.


Since joining Miracle Connect over three years ago, Life interiors have experienced a 40% increase in sales, across 11 Mirakl-powered marketplaces.

Since implementing eDesk as their customer support solution Life Interiors have achieved a 60% reduction in response times, whilst at the same their ticket volumes have tripled.

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