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How eDesk helped Q-Parts24 to drive and scale their business


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“I’m really happy with our smooth operations which are now more transparent and straightforward. Ratings went back up after being able to manage all the negative tickets in one place. It was much easier and quicker.”

Marion von der Brelie

Team Leader Customer Support, Q-Parts24

Q-Parts24 is an online auto company that specialises in good value high-quality spare parts for all well-known vehicle brands. Founded in 2007, the company provides replacement products to customers across Europe for new and used car brands such as BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Volkswagen and Opel.

Customer service was the problem

From brake disks to shock absorbers, wheel hubs to sensors, the company faced constant queries from buyers but inefficient customer support was threatening the brand’s rapid growth.

Files were not being saved and messages were not transferred to sales managers. There was no facility to search for email addresses so it was difficult to see the entire email chain of a customer query.

Without access to the full picture, it was impossible to respond to follow-up requests quickly and Q-Parts24 started to see bad reviews.

Smooth operations across all systems was the solution

To improve reviews Q-Parts24 needed a helpdesk solution that would supercharge their customer support team, as the brand expanded their webstore into other marketplaces.

Designed with multichannel eCommerce brands in mind, eDesk’s solution helped Q-Parts24 to quickly smooth operations across their systems.

eDesk centralises data from multiple channels into an intuitive dashboard in real time so all customer queries and related order details are in one place. And the Smart Inbox automatically groups, prioritises and assigns customer queries, so the right people have access to the right information at the right time.

With a simplified, searchable view of their buyer’s journey at their fingertips, Q-Parts24 customer support agents could quickly and easily resolve customer queries.

eDesk helped Q-Parts24 streamline customer support and boost productivity so they could sell more. The Help Center made it easy to onboard new users and as the support team quickly grew from one to seven members, rave reviews returned.

Now Q-Parts24 uses eDesk to maintain the extraordinary customer support necessary for their brand to sustain growth and realise their potential in the competitive eCommerce market.


  • Increased positive Ebay, Amazon and Google reviews
  • 24-hour response time SLAs achieved
  • Managing 50 tickets per person a day

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