Respond 84% faster to eCommerce customer queries this Q4

Sales growing fast? SLAs slipping? Tired of the hacks and workarounds with email or general helpdesks? Give eDesk a try! It’s the calmer, smarter, centralized place to manage all your eCommerce support—forever.

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Helping merchants, big and small, resolve more than 12 million customer queries every week

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All your messages consolidated into one inbox

one inbox
Order details are always available
A workflow built for online sellers
See what marketplaces your tickets are from

Customer support in one place, not all over the place

Forget about logging into multiple channels each and every day! With eDesk, all your customer queries are in one place—with related order details and conversation history.

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Everyone’s happier with eDesk

the boss

The Boss

  • Lower support costs
  • Scaleable for peak times and future growth
  • Built specifically for eCommerce businesses
  • Replaces multiple tools and logins with one secure solution
  • Higher customer satisfaction
the support manager

The Support Manager

  • Empowered staff are happier
  • Better resource planning
  • Improved team performance
  • Handle busy periods easily
  • Track ticket volumes & trends across all channels
  • Reduce support training times drastically
the support agent

The Support Agent

  • Happier and more in control
  • Order details available
  • More accurate responses
  • AI-responses free up time
  • Shared inbox helps team collaboration and efficiency
  • Templates and snippets slash times on FAQs
the customer

The Customer

  • Dazzled by response times
  • Issues resolved faster
  • More repeat purchases
  • Increased loyalty
  • Can contact you across multiple touchpoints
  • More friend recommendations
  • More positive reviews
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Purpose-built for eCommerce and online retailers

purpose built
  • Order and customer details with every ticket
  • Marketplace SLAs and response times
  • Integrations with leading webstores, marketplaces, inventory management solutions and social media channels
  • Trusted by 5,000+ online retailers

A shared inbox that brings your team together

shared inbox
  • Auto-assign tickets
  • Create internal notes
  • @mention teammates to get help
  • Add multiple users to share the workload

Respond faster than your competitors

respond faster
  • Templates and snippets for common queries
  • Auto-translation for international customers
  • Auto-responders for weekend and busy periods
  • Artificial intelligence analyses tickets and creates responses that you can review and send in seconds

Reporting that helps you plan and improve team performance

  • Peak support times
  • Team performance metrics
  • Ticket volumes
  • Response times

Turn your helpdesk into a profit center

  • Automatically identify pre-sales queries
  • Pre-sale tickets come with unique SLAs
  • Never miss a sales opportunity again
  • Product information and product value at your agents’ fingertips

Get more product reviews and seller feedback across your channels

  • Drive feedback to Amazon, eBay and Google
  • Higher engagement rates with your buyers
  • Bye-bye failed messages and opt-outs
  • Fewer negative reviews and feedback

“We love eDesk because it saves us so much time. We have reduced average customer response times by 84%.”

Natalie Goddard, Suzuki

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