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How Pertemba increased their marketplaces by 45% while streamlining manpower and SLA times

With Irene Epp, Service Delivery Manager at Pertemba Global


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reduction in second line response agents


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Pertemba specializes in providing stress-free solutions to International online selling, for a diverse portfolio of over 250+ brands


Leicestershire, UK


Mirakl Connect, Amazon, eBay, Shopify, Walmart



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Pertemba is a single-service global selling solution for brands and retailers that are looking to sell internationally. Offering a seamless route to online marketplaces around the world, Pertemba removes the complexities of selling into international markets throughout Europe, America and Asia, accelerating global brand awareness and customer reach.

With eDesk we have managed to reduce our second line response team in a way that helps the company really grow.

“With eDesk we have managed to reduce our second line response team in a way that helps the company really grow. Even with more marketplaces being introduced, we can keep the support team small. We also have an overall SLA response time at the moment at 97.4%, which is amazing”

Irene Epp, Service Delivery Manager at Pertemba Global


As a small company, Pertemba was originally using gmail to manage customer support. As the business grew they tried a few different customer systems, but struggled to find a customer support solution that met the needs of their business which was growing internationally.

When it came to providing multi-language support, it was virtually impossible for teams to collaborate efficiently on customer tickets. Individual customer support teams and marketplaces were all managed separately with no central space available to collaborate internally.

Let’s say I have an American marketplace, but the customer contacts us  in French. I don’t speak French, but I can’t pass the ticket to my French colleague because they don’t have access to the American marketplace.”

Irene Epp

Service Delivery Manager, Pertemba

SLA management was always a big problem for Pertemba. As a business selling on multiple marketplaces they lacked central visibility over marketplace communications as it was not possible to integrate all of the marketplaces they operated into their current customer support solution. As a result, agents had to go back and forth logging into each individual marketplace to check for new tickets, as Pertemba introduced more marketplaces into the business this became unsustainable and agents were sometimes missing SLA times because they couldn’t check all marketplaces at once. 

Ticket prioritization was particularly challenging when it came to actioning cancellation requests. Managing tickets via so many individual marketplaces meant that sometimes orders could have been dispatched before the cancellation requisition was actioned, causing a headache for Pertemba as they tried to have the parcel returned.

This fragmented approach to customer service was creating a higher manpower need. Pertmeba knew that if the business was to continue to grow, they would need to find a way to centralize their marketplace customer support into one single system.

Example of using snippets to personalize templates – one of Susie’s favorite features.


eDesk seamlessly integrates with Pertemba’s extensive network of sales channels, most of which are Mirakl powered Marketplaces. So having a direct integration between eDesk and Mirakl to manage tickets from all Mirakl powered marketplaces centrally has been a game changer for their customer support.

By centralizing ticket handling, eDesk provides Pertemba with the ability to categorize and prioritize incoming tickets based on their specific SLA requirements. This ensures that no customer query originating from any marketplace is overlooked or delayed.

eDesk’s ability to categorize and prioritize tickets has been extremely helpful for Pertemba when it comes to cancellation requests for multiple marketplaces. Cancellation requests are now prioritized by automatically assigning tickets in this category a shorter SLA time, which automatically puts them to the top of the agent’s ticket so cancellations can be actioned promptly.

SLA trackers and message rules ensure Irene’s team are handling tickets effectively and meeting SLAs.

To optimize ticket resolution, Pertemba utilizes eDesk’s message rules and customizable ticket tags. These features help automatically assign tickets to the most suitable agents or teams, ensuring rapid query resolution and exceptional customer service from experienced agents.

eDesks smart auto-translation capabilities empower Pertemba to deliver multilingual customer support with ease. Agents can now engage with customers in their preferred languages, regardless of their native tongue,. Furthermore, eDesk offers message templates available in Pertemba’s core support languages, significantly reducing response times.

“With the options we have on eDesk, it’s now so much easier to provide multilingual support. We can auto-translate so it’s not always necessary to speak the customer’s language, allowing us to provide support in languages we do not cover in-house.”

Pertemba have found this flexibility particularly helpful when managing agent absences and unpredicted spikes in ticket volume. Now any agent can step in to solve the customer query, which has helped to improve both response times and customer satisfaction.

The auto-translation feature allows the team to cover other agents’ tickets – even when they’re not a native speaker.

As a manager, Irene is a strong advocate for eDesk’s reporting functionality. With eDesk’s reporting capabilities, she gains invaluable insights into her team’s performance on a daily, weekly, monthly, and long-term basis. Irene can easily generate SLA reports to pinpoint areas where her team may struggle to meet compliance standards, allowing her to take proactive measures to address any issues.

eDesk insights allow Irene to gain visibility on her team’s performance and report to the wider business.


eDesk’s transformative impact allowed Pertemba to not only enhance operational efficiency and customer service but also achieve remarkable growth and cost optimization.

They attained exceptional cost transparency, precisely aligning their expenditures with necessary services. Over the course of a year, Pertemba almost doubled their marketplace presence from 90 to an impressive 130, all while streamlining their second-line response team from 12 agents to just 7. 

In the midst of this, Pertemba achieved an astounding 97.6% SLA compliance within a 24-hour timeframe during the pinnacle of their sales season, maintaining an overall SLA response time of 97.4%.

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