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Our customers run online stores across the world from every channel. Retailers from all industries, selling through marketplaces, webstores and social media, are united in one goal; to streamline their customer support so they can provide seriously extraordinary customer experiences.

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“We found integration super easy, and the eDesk team is a great support when setting up new channels. From a user perspective, the software is simple to navigate especially the live reporting, both for day-to-day users and our leadership team.”

Alan Mullen
Customer Services Manager, Superdry

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“We chose eDesk as it integrates seamlessly with Amazon and other ecommerce platforms we sell on without additional plugins. The ShipStation integration is a huge plus as we can see the tracking info without having to log into another platform. The support team is very approachable and helpful.”

Soo Lee
Ecommerce Operations, Neo Chair

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