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How Sennheiser slashed response times by 61% as new ticket volumes surged by 24%

Brandon Beckham eCommerce Customer Support Specialist at Sennheiser


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Sennheiser is an electronic audio equipment manufacturer.

Connecticut, US


eBay, Amazon, Walmart, Shopify, Best Buy Canada, Macy’s



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Sennheiser, a renowned manufacturer in the realm of electronic audio equipment, focuses on crafting high-quality products tailored for both consumer and professional audio markets. Their extensive range includes microphones, headphones, and loudspeakers. With a rich heritage spanning over 75 years, Sennheiser prides itself as a three-generation, family-run business dedicated to continuous audio innovation.

I've been working with eDesk since day one, since I started here. And to be honest, it really blows any other management system software out of the water…eDesk really allows us to see what the customers have done, their history in each marketplace…It just satisfies our customer base, which is our bottom line.


Sennheiser had established its presence on various eCommerce platforms and marketplaces. Venturing into Mirakl Powered marketplaces like Best Buy Canada and Macy’s had significantly broadened the brand’s reach, yielding promising results in terms of both sales and customer engagement. However, their existing customer support help desk lacked essential features to support rapid and fluid growth. Recognizing the need to facilitate continued growth, Sennheiser understood the importance of investing in a customer support help desk capable of accommodating eCommerce scalability and operational efficiency. This strategic initiative was aimed at ensuring customer satisfaction amid the evolving business landscape.


Sennheiser opted for eDesk as their ideal solution to enhance customer support operations. The transition from their previous system to eDesk was seamless, thanks to the platform’s intuitive interface and robust features.

For Sennheiser, one of the standout features of eDesk was its robust customer context available to agents. With eDesk’s Customer view, Sennheiser gained access to a comprehensive overview of each customer’s order history and interaction records. Additionally, relevant order and customer data were conveniently displayed alongside each eDesk ticket.

By having access to detailed purchase history, shipment details, and tracking information, Sennheiser was empowered to better understand their customers’ needs and preferences, to effectively resolve issues.

Moreover, eDesk’s template feature proved invaluable in streamlining support processes. By creating predefined templates for common customer inquiries, Sennheiser’s support team could efficiently respond to a high volume of tickets without the need for manual typing, saving both time and effort.

Additionally, eDesk’s collaboration tools, including the ability to tag an agent and auto-assign tickets facilitated seamless collaboration among team members. Support agents could easily tag colleagues for assistance or assign tickets based on expertise or time availability, ensuring prompt and personalized responses to customer queries.


eDesk significantly boosted Sennheiser’s operational efficiency by slashing response times by 61%, even as new ticket volumes surged by 24% over the course of a year. The responsive customer support provided by eDesk further elevated Sennheiser’s service standards, ensuring swift and reliable assistance across various platforms. Overall, eDesk emerged as a crucial asset for Sennheiser, enabling them to foster stronger customer relationships, streamline support processes, and ultimately drive business growth. With eDesk in their toolkit, Sennheiser remains committed to satisfying their customer base, knowing that customer satisfaction is the cornerstone of their success.

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