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Analyze and optimize support operations with comprehensive real-time reporting

A full suite of up to the minute reports on all aspects of your customer operations, 
enables you to make better decisions in resource, channel and product management.

Stay ahead with live reporting on:


Understand your SLA compliance, channel by channel

With each marketplace having their own SLA requirements – and customers expecting shorter and shorter response times – managing your SLA adherence has never been more important. In eDesk you can track how your team is performing when it comes to SLAs, based on each channel’s individual rules. 


Maintain excellent support, even during peak periods

Use our powerful insights to determine team coverage needs. eDesk’s dynamic heatmaps identify the busiest periods for queries and how the on-duty team handled the workload. From there, you can predict peak periods, scale your team accordingly, and improve the quality and efficiency of responses to your customers.


Gain a full understanding of team and individual performance

eDesk insights are like a personal assistant for support managers. Within eDesk, you can get a full view of the team’s performance – see how many tickets agents are handling, monitor average handling time, as well as their individual CSAT scores. Quickly identify where your team can upskill and who your top performers are.


Improve the overall business with in-depth product insights

The support team are the eyes and ears of the business. With eDesk’s insights you’ll be able to report back to the wider business about which products have the best and worst reviews, trends in product sales, as well as products that are generating the most tickets or returns. These invaluable insights will help with business decisions that drive company growth.

Features you (and your team) will love

SLA Management

Set your SLAs and give your team realistic targets for responding to customers.

Filtered Mailbox

Create personalized filters so that you and your team can address messages more seamlessly.

Ticket Tagging

Improve reporting and mailbox filtering by labelling, grouping, and organizing your tickets.

Customer View

See your customers, orders, tickets, tracking numbers, total order value, and more all in one place.


eDesk offers insights on SLA compliance, channel stats, products and more.

Knowledge Bases

Let customers easily find the answers they seek by building your own self-service help center.

250+ Integrations

With 250+ integrations, eDesk lets you connect anywhere, all from one smart inbox.

eDesk Talk

Connect one phone number with your eDesk to allow your customer service agents to make and receive calls.

External Ticket Sharing

Easily share tickets with external parties, such as suppliers and shipping carriers.

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