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CX Bootcamp: Tactics to Automate Feedback Requests That Boost Brand Reputation

Expert panellists

headshot peter

Peter Lyon

Chief Customer Officer | eDesk

Evan De Vere Hunt

Evan De Vere Hunt

Product Manager | eDesk


Maura Cunningham

Onboarding Manager | eDesk

In the realm of eCommerce, building trust and growing your customer base are paramount for success. As the holiday season approaches, it’s crucial to leverage every opportunity to enhance your brand reputation – Afterall satisfied customers are more likely to become loyal advocates.
That’s where automated Feedback comes in! We delve into the transformative power of eDesk’s Feedback solution. Explore actionable tactics to automate Feedback requests to foster positive interactions that not only build trust with your current customers, but attract new ones.
We Cover
  • Generating personalized Feedback requests that resonate with your happiest customers.
  • Managing customer Expectations throughout the purchasing process to avoid negative feedback
  • How you can leverage customer Feedback history to your advantage
  • A streamlined process to effectively handle negative Feedback
  • Q&A Session

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