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How to provide exceptional customer service on Best Buy Canada


In a competitive marketplace like Best Buy Canada, outstanding support sets you apart from competitors and can be a game-changer in capturing attention. Satisfied customers are not only likely to become repeat buyers but also serve as advocates, recommending your brand to others. Investing in top-notch customer service is a strategic move that enhances customer satisfaction and contributes to increased sales.

In this article, we will explore the challenges of providing customer support on Best Buy Canada Marketplace and how to overcome them. So let’s dive in and discover how you can leave a lasting impression on your customers by going above and beyond their expectations!

The challenges of providing customer support on Best Buy Canada Marketplace

Successfully engaging with Best Buy Canada’s customer base as a third-party seller demands a refined strategy. Sellers should skillfully tailor their customer support approaches to meet diverse customer needs and expectations, ensuring a personalized and satisfying experience for each shopper. However, this can be challenging due to the fast-paced industry that is consumer electronics.

Due to the technical nature of this consumer group, providing customer service can be quite complex, requiring specialist knowledge to answer queries. To add to the complexity, we know that nearly half of all customers (46%) expect companies to respond faster than 4 hours. It is also widely known that consumer electronics buyers are known for conducting thorough research before purchasing, thus creating an influx of pre-sales queries that expect prompt and accurate responses. 

In addition to the day-to-day demand for prompt customer support, when selling in the consumer electronics industry you also have peak holiday season, Black Friday and new product launches to contend with. All of which see consumers flocking to discounted electronics or the latest release. We all know there is a strong correlation between higher-order volumes and higher support ticket volumes, so how do third-party sellers manage this when selling on Best Buy Canada? One option would be to increase your customer support headcount, but this can be costly, and remember this also means having enough product specialists on hand to handle complex queries. Another option would be to implement customer support automation to take the pressure off your support team, although without the right mix of automation tools you could risk sacrificing the human touch of support and personalized customer experience.

Adhering to Best Buy Canada customer service policies is also paramount for maintaining a consistent and trustworthy customer support experience. Failure to comply could put your business at risk of being suspended as a seller on Best Buy Canada marketplace. Challenges often arise when marketplace Service-Level Agreement (SLA) requirements differ from your standard policy, so it’s important to have processes in place to ensure your team keeps on top of marketplace-specific customer support requirements.

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How to provide exceptional customer support on Best Buy Canada Marketplace.

eDesk is the only helpdesk solution that natively integrates with Best Buy Canada to seamlessly streamline and scale your marketplace support. By servicing your Best Buy Canada marketplace customers via eDesk, you can consolidate messages, orders, and essential information from all your sales and communication channels in one centralized platform, streamlining your Support Team’s workflow. 

Centralized support for Best Buy Canada and everywhere you sell.

eDesk provides your team with a unified smart inbox that consolidates queries from Best Buy Canada, plus all other sales and communications channels. Use eDesk’s smart inbox to effectively manage SLAs on Best Buy Canada and automatically prioritize support by categorizing tickets into pre-sales queries, negative feedback, returns and more. You can even route-specific tickets to specialist agents based on the query type, so you never miss an opportunity to satisfy your customers and meet Best Buy Canada customer support standards.

eCommerce data built into every support ticket for a personalized experience.

Equip your agents with the context needed to provide quick and informed responses with all customer and order data automatically attached to each eDesk ticket that originates from Best Buy Canada. Resolve WIZMO queries instantly with access to the order tracking number on the right-hand side of the ticket.

Seamless internal and external collaboration for issue resolution

Resolve customer issues quickly with automatic ticket creation in eDesk when an incident is raised in Mirakl Connect. You’ll even have flexibility to message either the customer, marketplace operator, or both directly within the eDesk ticket to resolve issues efficiently, with one central thread of communication. Collaborate with other agents on tickets by tagging an agent who may be better suited to support the customer. If the product specialist isn’t a user in eDesk, don’t worry. You can use the share ticket feature to email them a notification, providing direct access to the ticket so they have the context required to assist with ticket resolution.

AI automation that supports personalized and efficient customer support 

Leverage built-in AI automations to create prompt, personalized responses in eDesk.

Create message templates in your brand voice for each query type, and use smart snippets to autopopulate relevant customer order data into your response. You can even configure message rules to automatically respond to customers with your predefined message templates, without the need for agent intervention. eDesk’s AI powered auto-translate feature can also help you to support a global audience, improving your ability to communicate with sellers with no need to employ foreign language speakers.

Measurable Insights into marketplace support performance

Utilize comprehensive reporting features to analyze support performance on Best Buy Canada and other channels. Analyze which support agents, channels, or products are causing performance issues in sales or support and make data-driven decisions, to enhance overall efficiency.


Mastering customer service on Best Buy Canada involves overcoming challenges unique to the consumer electronics industry. Sellers must navigate technical complexities, handle peak seasons efficiently, and adhere to marketplace policies. Strategic approaches, such as tailored support and smart automation, are essential for exceeding customer expectations and ensuring long-term success on the Best Buy Canada Marketplace.

To optimize customer support on Best Buy Canada, we recommend leveraging eDesk, the only helpdesk solution that is natively integrated with Best Buy Canada marketplace. eDesk consolidates messages, orders, and essential information from all channels in one platform, and uses smart AI-powered automation to streamline your support team workflows. Embrace the power of Best Buy Canada and eDesk for a comprehensive and efficient eCommerce experience that ensures both marketplace success and customer satisfaction.