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How to Sell on Best Buy Canada


Best Buy is one of Canada’s largest & most successful retailers, with over 160 stores across the country. Best Buy specializes in consumer electronics, but also sells various related merchandise, including software and video games, in addition to home appliances. In 2015, Best Buy ventured into the marketplace domain to better serve Canadian customers online with a wider variety of products to choose from.

With a marketplace, Best Buy Canada brings immense value to Canadian shoppers, who are underserved online and often must rely on international e-commerce sites to purchase goods, leading to inflated prices and longer shipping times. By increasing our online selection, we provide the convenience of an omni-channel experience to Canadian shoppers and help them embrace eCommerce by finding the products they are looking for directly from a retailer operating in Canada.

Thierry Hay-Sabourin, Senior Vice President, eCommerce, Best Buy Canada

Should I sell on Best Buy Canada?

Best Buy is a Specialist in consumer electronics, boasting 280 million visits per year across their website. The brand has become a favorite among tech lovers, ranking 62nd on Web Retailer’s list of the world’s top online marketplaces, and securing 2nd position as the best marketplace in the electronics category.

If you’re a consumer electronics retailer in Canada, or seeking to enter into the Canadian market with minimal risk, selling on Best Buy Canada is a no-brainer.

In fact, compared to their closest competitor, Best Buy boasts a 3.5x higher top-of-mind brand awareness and states that 1 in 4 orders purchased on Best Buy are from marketplace sellers. This offers plenty of opportunity for your business to grow and thrive.

Benefits of Selling on Best Buy Canada

Dominate your niche

By diversifying your sales channels and selling your niche, you can reduce dependence on major, more competitive platforms like Amazon and eBay, making your business more profitable with access to consumers with a keen interest in your product category.

Trusted brand

The Best Buy brand has been around since 1983 with 378M visits combined across and physical stores. The platform is a trusted brand in the retail industry, and customers often rely on its reputation for quality and reliability. Being associated with such a trusted and fast-growing marketplace can open your business up to new audiences, leading to increased sales and a broader customer base.

Reduced time to market 

The process of getting set up to sell on Best Buy marketplace is super easy. Plus, once you’ve completed the onboarding process, you’ll have access to sell on over 400 other Mirakl-powered marketplaces. After all, time is money, so the faster you get set up, the more opportunities you have to make a profit.

Expert Support

Best Buy Canada is committed to helping their third-party sellers to success, and provide an abundance of tools and resources to help you get set up on the platform and support your continued growth and success on the platform.

How to Become a Best Buy Canada Verified Seller

Getting set up to sell on any of Best Buy Canada involves a straightforward process.

Step 1: You’ll need to fill out a quick application form, which will be reviewed by Best Buy to assess your suitability to sell on their marketplace. Once approved, you’ll be asked to sign an agreement to join Best Buy Marketplace.

Step 2: Next the Best Buy team will guide you through the onboarding process which includes setting up your store, payment account and the integration tools available to you.

Step 3: You’re all set! Start listing your products and take advantage of Best Buys expert guidance to reach new heights.

Costs associated with selling on Best Buy Canada

Best Buy Marketplace charges a monthly platform fee of $29.99CAD, plus a commission on each item you sell. Commission rates vary depending on the product category you are selling in. Individual category rates will be available once you become a verified seller.

The good news is that there you won’t have to worry about paying a listing fee for each item you want to list on Best Buy or a separate processing fee for each item you sell. Which isn’t the case with many other marketplaces.

How to Sell Successfully on Best Buy Canada

Inventory management and listing optimization
Efficiently managing inventory and optimizing marketplace listings plays a crucial role in your success. Maintain a well-managed and current inventory to avoid stock outs or overselling. Enhance product listings by incorporating high-quality images, detailed descriptions, and relevant keywords. Ensure your listings are optimized for SEO and regularly update product information to reflect any changes or additions, maximizing the impact of your listings on Best Buy Canada.

Follow Policies & Guidelines
Policies and guidelines play a vital role in ensuring a smooth selling experience. Establish clear and transparent policies for shipping, returns, and customer satisfaction and ensure your team is well-trained in actioning these policies to maximize customer satisfaction. It’s just as important to familiarize yourself and your team with the policies set by Best Buy Canada and adapt your policies to comply with these. After all, you will have agreed to comply with their policies on shipping, returns, prohibited products etc. when you signed your seller agreement, so whether intentional or not, failure to comply could result in account suspension.

Leverage Best Buy Canada seller support 

Best Buy Canada offers excellent seller support resources to ensure your business is getting the most from the platform. You’ll get unlimited access to marketplace experts, so it’s wise to make the most of this to optimize your listings and learn new tips to boost your sales. The support available includes;

  • Personalized onboarding support to help you get started.
  • Hands-on support from your dedicated seller success manager, whenever you have a question.
  • Self serve seller hub with wide range of help articles to assist with listing management, KPI monitoring and more
  • Exclusive seller newsletter to inspire your strategy with the latest news, top tips and informative events.

Make customer service a priority

To excel on Best Buy Canada, prioritize outstanding customer service. Respond promptly to inquiries, offering clear product details for informed decisions. Streamline order processing, keeping customers informed with transparent updates and tracking information. Foster trust and loyalty by implementing a hassle-free return policy. Embrace customer feedback—both positive and constructive—as a tool for ongoing improvement. By making customer satisfaction a priority, you enhance your reputation and ensure a lasting and positive impression on Best Buy customers.

Learn more about the eDesk & Best Buy Canada Integration

In conclusion, becoming a verified seller on Best Buy Canada is a strategic move for businesses in the consumer electronics business, whether they are already selling in the Canadian market or looking for an opportunity to explore it risk-free. Implementing competitive pricing strategies, efficient inventory management, leveraging the free support available, and adherence to policies are key to successful selling. Additionally, prioritizing exceptional customer service not only fosters trust and loyalty but ensures a lasting and positive presence on the platform. By embracing these strategies, sellers can tap into Best Buy Canada niche audience, boosting brand awareness and driving sales revenue in the dynamic world of e-commerce.