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Seamless, scalable support for TikTok Shop sellers

TikTok shop dashboard.
TikTok shop dashboard.


Seamless, scalable support for TikTok Shop sellers

Our help desk powers support for thousands of eCommerce businesses worldwide

Get the features you need to support and delight your customers – right at your fingertips

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All your multichannel messages, in just one place

Say Goodbye to managing countless logins and tabs. eDesk lets you consolidate customer messaging from TikTok Shop and everywhere else you sell into one smart inbox, with customer and order data built into every ticket.

Stay compliant with TikTok Shop seller policies

Missing TikTok Shop SLAs can damage your reputation as a seller. Set custom SLA timers to keep compliance top of mind for your agents. Use our advanced smart inbox to prioritize, sort, filter and assign tickets based on their time left to solve. Don’t settle for less than exceptional marketplace performance.

TikTok SLA expiring dashboard example.
eDesk AI automation example for TikTok.

AI automation designed to drive eCommerce revenue

Elevate your customer support experience with advanced AI capabilities, the ultimate aide to help boost agent efficiency. Utilize AI-driven ticket summaries, sentiment analysis, AI-assisted replies, HandsFree auto responses and more, to reduce support center costs, enhance speed, and elevate customer engagement.

Resolve complex queries faster with premier collaboration features

Get help quickly by mentioning a colleague directly in the ticket thread or use eDesk’s Internal Share feature to loop in non-eDesk users. Escalate to warehouse staff or couriers or suppliers, with the full context and order information for quick resolution.

An example of TikTok's customer query resolve with eDesk.

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The simple way to manage TikTok Shop support

eDesk will help you...


Consolidate your customer service tools into a single, user-friendly platform with eDesk to reduce software costs and improve efficiency.


Leverage the complete context of your shoppers’ order and conversation history to provide personalized service and reduce handling times.


Use the capabilities of AI to classify, interpret, summarize and answer queries, streamlining engagement and improving performance.


Adopt shared team inboxes and real-time collaboration tools to enhance collective issue resolution, reducing time spent per query.


Tap into comprehensive analytics and reporting tools to make data-driven decisions and identify cost-saving opportunities.

Achieve 5-star reviews

eDesk automates review requests and ensures you achieve the highest volume of 5* reviews, enabling you to grow faster and scale more profitably.

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