Smash SLAs with our help desk app for Amazon sellers.

eDesk lets you centralize customer messages and order info all into one smart inbox. Connect through our Amazon integration now to slash response times and uplevel your eCommerce business.

Note: You can also connect eDesk with eBay, Shopify, Facebook, and anywhere else you sell or communicate with buyers.

Amazon sellers “can’t imagine life without ” eDesk.

‘I couldn’t even imagine the pain of having to log into separate eBay, Amazon and Website accounts to manage customer queries.’

Gardeners Dream Customer Service Supervisor, Dean Rimbault

Gardener's Dream

‘I could not imagine going back to the old system of checking every platform and every country for messages. We have over 8 separate locations where messages originate, in up to 6 languages. eDesk brings everything together in one place and makes the task a whole lot easier than ever before. If you are an online seller, you need this valuable tool.’

 Jon, TrustPilot

“Without eDesk, it would not be possible to provide the level of support that Amazon, eBay and, most importantly, our own web customers expect from us.”

Right Deals Sales Director, James Sonley

Right Deals UK logo

Sell more on Amazon and eBay

Sick of clicking between Amazon and eBay? A multichannel strategy is one of the most effective ways to grow your online business – but scaling support as you expand can be tricky.

eDesk makes it easy to sell on the two largest marketplaces in the world at the same time. Our clean user interface lets you effortlessly manage customer service for multiple accounts with just a few clicks. No more logging into various platforms, sorting through different inboxes, or sharing your passwords with staff.
The sky’s the limit when you centralize customer queries and order data from all your Amazon marketplaces, eBay stores, and selling channels into one smart mailbox.

See for yourself

Want to know how eDesk works? Watch this quick video to learn how our help desk software can help you save time and position your Amazon business for success.


Avoid Amazon account deactivation

Receiving that crushing email that Amazon has placed your seller account under review because of your Amazon Health Rating (AHR) is a nightmare. eDesk has the customer service tools you need to comply with Amazon’s policies, crush service level agreements (SLAs), and avoid account deactivation.

Smash your SLAs using eDesk’s automations 

Maintain a flawless Invoice Defect Rate 

Reduce your Order Defect Rate using eDesk Insights

Take your company global

¿No hablas español? No problem. Scaling your Amazon business internationally can be difficult without multilingual support agents, so we made it easy.

The age of navigating various accounts and copying messages from Seller Central into Google Translate is over. Grow your Amazon business and scale support in international markets with eDesk’s Auto-translation feature.

Request reviews automatically (while staying compliant)

No more manually clicking on each order to request feedback. With eDesk Feedback, you can get great reviews without lifting a finger.

Our solution uses the Amazon feedback software system behind the Seller Central Request a Review feature, so it’s 100% compliant with Amazon’s policies. You can use it even if you have been restricted from sending proactive messages before.

Join over 5,000 Amazon sellers using eDesk to save time and deliver top-shelf customer service

Do you sell on multiple eCommerce marketplaces? Have Amazon stores in several countries? How much time does your staff spend answering customer queries? We’re thrilled to tell you there’s a better way!

eDesk is a powerful help desk for eCommerce retailers and online sellers that combines customer interactions from your website, marketplaces, and all your social channels into a simple dashboard that your team will love.

No more customer issues falling through the cracks

eDesk connects all markets to the same dashboard and displays all of your customer messages and order details in one place. This means you will never miss a query again. Plus, you can dramatically reduce your odds of receiving negative feedback.

Handle increased customer messages with ease

From holidays to sales, every seller faces certain times that are much busier than others. eDesk helps businesses deal with this increased volume of Amazon tickets through both its automated and one-click response features.

Improve team performance with better reporting

eDesk’s reporting feature helps you to plan and improve your customer service approach through our team performance metrics. This enables you to identify peak support and ticket volume times. With this information, you can ensure that you maintain speedy response times and never miss a query.

Increase positive reviews and make more sales

eDesk targets positive feedback with smart selective requests to increase positive reviews on Amazon, eBay, Trustpilot, and more. This leads to more sales for your business.

The simple way to manage Amazon support

Manage Amazon support

Seamlessly integrate with countless other channels

Not only does eDesk natively integrate with Amazon, but with 200+ other marketplaces, webstores, and other platforms. Forget logging into multiple marketplace mailboxes. eDesk centralizes all of your customer support queries into one place.

Get the Amazon integration today

Are you ready to save time, crush SLAs, and rake in positive reviews? Connect to Amazon now. We’ll have you up and running in no time!