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How to Get an Amazon Choice Badge for Your Products

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Amazon Choice Badge

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Selling on Amazon, you might not always notice some of the little things that happen. And one of them that gained popularity this year was a little dark blue badge with the words ‘Amazon’s Choice’ on it.

It’s actually been here since 2015 when Amazon used it to streamline purchases made from the Echo, but now it’s changed to mean ‘Amazon’s Choice recommends highly rated, well-priced products available to ship immediately when you roll your cursor over it. Need to learn how you can get the badge on your products? eDesk has you covered.

A Long, Long Time Ago: How Amazon’s Choice Got Started

As we briefly mentioned, Amazon’s Choice badges started in 2015. Buyers who ordered items via Echo had a way to make purchases more efficiently through smart speakers, as the Amazon’s Choice label grouped voice searchable products together to make the process easier.

Because Amazon has so many products on it, using voice search to sift through all the differences would have taken way too much time. Imagine if you were trying to order a phone case — how would you use voice commands to narrow things down between colour(s), material, design, price, buyer, and buyer metrics? But with Amazon filtering the best of the best (in terms of seller rating and features offered), your search would be a lot easier and faster.

How Amazon’s Choice Has Evolved Since Then

Now, Amazon’s Choice still remains in place for Echo purchases (it’s the only way to purchase items through Echo), but it’s expanded to non-voice searched items, too. It’s a way to cut through some of the noise of the sheer amount of choice out there and help you choose an item that’s supposed to lead to better peace of mind during the purchase process.

Amazon's Choice

But how does it work? What products get the Amazon’s Choice badge? And how can you try and get one for one of your products?

How to Get an Amazon Choice Badge in 2021

1. Focus on Keywords

Because it originally started as a way to streamline voice searches, the badge relied heavily on good keywords and items that corresponded to very specific keyword searches. Think of the difference between ‘hair clippers’ and ‘hair cutters’. They mean very similar things, but one will lead to an Amazon’s Choice product and one won’t. If you’ve been slacking on your keyword research, now’s the perfect time to master it.

2. Bring Up Your Customer Rating

If your metrics are on the lower end, you’re probably not going to get a badge until you bring them back up. Amazon is vouching for certain products as being a good choice for its buyers, and a good seller rating means less is likely to go wrong anywhere. But on the other hand, if you’re a bestseller for that product in your category and/or you have a lower return rate than other similar products, you’re doing fine.

3. Be Prime-Eligible

If your products aren’t Prime-eligible, there’s no way you can get an Amazon’s Choice badge.

When you hover your cursor over the badge, part of the words include ‘available to ship immediately.’ This means it needs to be in stock and ready to arrive on a person’s doorstep within two days. And Prime is the easiest way of ensuring this.

4. Have Competitive Pricing

Also included in the Amazon’s Choice badge slogan when you hover over it is ‘well-priced products.’ This is a bit of a vague description because what exactly is a well-priced product? We all know prices change all the time, so how do you pinpoint when it falls into the ‘well-priced category?

The short answer is you can’t because prices are dynamic and constantly fluctuating. But if you use a great repricer and have solid rules in place, you put the odds in your favour.

5. Get Great User Reviews

If you ever needed a reason to start caring about getting more (positive) reviews, this is it. To be considered for an Amazon’s Choice badge, you need to be able to show other buyers previous buyers thought highly of your product and services. Most of your reviews need to be in the 4 and 5-star category, which is why it’s so important to:

Final Thoughts

When it comes to all things feedback, we’ve got you covered with eDesk Feedback. Take some time to read through our blog posts to get awesome tips on how to get better at feedback, as well as other selling-related topics.

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