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Automation: The Secret Weapon to Maximize Amazon Prime Day Profits

Expert panellists


Jodi Gaines

VP, Americas | eDesk


Colin Palin

Product Manager, Repricer

Amazon Prime Day is poised to break records again in 2023. This 2-day, revenue generating extravaganza is a sure-fire way to generate revenue quickly. However, this influx in sales also comes with its own set of challenges and headaches that can negatively impact sales now and going into the holiday season.

But we have a secret weapon. And it’s called Automation.

Our experts from eDesk and Repricer got together to explore how automation can help with some of the hands-on tasks of Prime Day. Some of what they discussed include:

  • Prime Day support and repricing trends that affect the bottom line
  • Challenges that reach beyond just Prime Day
  • 5 simple, easy ways to set up support automation that’s proven to 4x response times (and sales)
  • 5 powerful ways to set your pricing strategy on automation to take your Prime Day sales to the next level
  • FAQ with eDesk VP of Americas and Repricer Product Manager

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