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Dixa vs eDesk: Get a helpdesk built for your eCommerce business

Elevate your customer support with order and customer info built right in. Natively integrate your webstore, marketplaces and everywhere you support your customers. eDesk was built from the ground up to support eCommerce sellers no matter where they sell.

Marketplace integrations

200+ native integrations

No marketplace integrations

Webstore integrations

All major webstores natively integrated

Limited integrations

Auto translation



Feedback Requests



Flexible agent numbers


No (7 seat min)


Powering support for thousands of eCommerce businesses worldwide

Your search for a complete eCommerce helpdesk is over

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Switching to eDesk has 
never been easier

Whether you’re new to help desk software or you need help transitioning from Dixa or any other system, you’ll have an onboarding team dedicated to helping you get prepared for long-term success. If you’re worried about being stuck in a contract or bringing over your current system and messages to eDesk, we’ve got you covered. Book a demo to chat to a migration team member to learn how we can help you out. 

Designed to centralize and streamline eCommerce support

Dixa falls short when it comes to marketplace integrations, preventing scaling businesses like yours from centralizing messages from everywhere you sell. As well as integrating with all major webstores, eDesk has 200+ native marketplace integrations. Enjoy the simplicity of having all your marketplace messages, sales channels, and communication platforms converge in a single, intelligent inbox . That’s one way to create a customer service process that wows both you and your customers!

Pricing designed to work for you

While Dixa users are locked into rigid pricing structures,  eDesk offers the flexibility to tailor your plan to truly suit your business needs. Say goodbye to minimum user requirements, with eDesk even our most basic plans give you the freedom to start small and scale as your business grows. You can select from user-based plans, starting with just one user, or opt for ticket-based pricing, with a variety of plan options at your disposal. And better yet, with eDesk you’ll benefit from complete eCommerce centralisation with more extensive customisation and automation and insight than available on any DIXA plan.

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Shopify, Magento and BigCommerce, WooCommerce, Wix, PrestaShop & more

Shopify, Magento and WooCommerce


200+ native marketplace integrations

Social media



Smart AI-powered inbox

Ticket customization


Order modification

Customer-centric view

Automated feedback requests

Live chat

Knowledge base



Order classification


Order summary

Customer sentiment

Message/thread summary




Customer support



User-friendly interface




Switching from Dixa to eDesk has never been easier

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