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Resolve complex queries faster with market-leading collaboration features

Ensure customer questions are addressed comprehensively and rapidly, first time. With a suite of 
collaboration tools you can manually and automatically loop in and track responses from your colleagues.

Collaborate like never before with:


Streamline support by getting the right messages to the right agents

No more confusion on who’s answering what. Create a more efficient workflow on your support teams by using our AI-powered agent routing. Automatically route messages to teammates based on channel, message type, time of day, and more.


Achieve fast and simple collaboration with your teammates by using @mention

When a customer service agent needs help from a colleague, they can quickly @mention them in the ticket to loop them into the conversation, keeping a thread of all communication, increasing context provided and accuracy of responses.


Get answers from all of your colleagues, even if they don’t have an eDesk login

With eDesk’s Internal Share feature, agents can also invite colleagues who don’t have an eDesk account to join the conversation, ensuring that everyone is up to speed on the initial query and any previous responses. This gives the whole business the means to provide great customer support.


Make it easier to work with manufacturers, operators, and other external sources

In some cases, a customer service agent may need to escalate an issue to a third party, such as a courier or supplier. Easily share the ticket with any external party, giving them access to the full conversation context and, if enabled, the customer’s order information. This centralizes communication and ensures that everyone involved in the support process is aligned and able to provide a resolution quickly.

Features you (and your team) will love

SLA Management

Set your SLAs and give your team realistic targets for responding to customers.

Filtered Mailbox

Create personalized filters so that you and your team can address messages more seamlessly.

Ticket Tagging

Improve reporting and mailbox filtering by labelling, grouping, and organizing your tickets.

Customer View

See your customers, orders, tickets, tracking numbers, total order value, and more all in one place.


eDesk offers insights on SLA compliance, channel stats, products and more.

Knowledge Bases

Let customers easily find the answers they seek by building your own self-service help center.

250+ Integrations

With 250+ integrations, eDesk lets you connect anywhere, all from one smart inbox.

eDesk Talk

Connect one phone number with your eDesk to allow your customer service agents to make and receive calls.

External Ticket Sharing

Easily share tickets with external parties, such as suppliers and shipping carriers.

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