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  • eCommerce Ticket Management
  • Centralised inbox
  • Message labelling
  • Business hours
  • Order details
  • Custom fields
  • Custom SLAs
  • Ticket merging
  • Presales - convert queries into sales!
  • Smart Tools
  • Unlimted templates
  • Unlimited rules & Snippets
  • Team Management
  • Auto-assigning & collision detection
  • Internal notes & @mentions
  • Team dashboards
  • Feedback
  • Target reviews from happy customers only
  • Customize and personalize review requests
  • Build your brand across the internet

Enterprise Add-on

eDesk allows you to add enterprise features across your entire account for one flat monthly fee.

per account, per month*
  • API integration
  • Auto-translation
  • Chat
  • Enterprise reporting
* Based on annual plan

Common questions

eDesk integrates with each marketplace, web store and social channel that your business operates on so you can manage sales and support all in one place. We put the customer and order details right in front of you, so you can sell more and keep your customers happy with faster, more personal responses.
A channel is any account we integrate with such as Amazon, eBay or a web store like Shopify or WooCommerce. It includes social media platforms such as Facebook or Twitter as well as any email service provider. A channel also refers to tools which we pull information from, like inventory management software Linnworks and Channeladvisor or delivery management tools ShipStation or Aftership.
As an official Amazon Web Services partner, our software is hosted by Amazon and meets the highest industry online safety standards. We only use API information to connect to your business and the marketplaces you sell on. We do not have access to your personal log-in details.
In terms of security within your business, eDesk removes the need for agents to log in to your stores to manage support. You can control the level of information that is accessible to your team with one dashboard. Inboxes, folders and reports can be restricted to specific users.
Upgrading your plan is easy. You select your pack based on how many channels you currently have, then choose how many users you would like to add to that pack.
Yes. We want you to explore the rich functionality on your own time to make sure you appreciate how eDesk can radically reduce your support costs. For some folks this can take up to a couple of weeks, but our designated onboarding agent will extend the trial if you’ve been too busy to fully engage during the trial. Start by connecting some support channels, add some team members and you should see the power of eDesk right away.
We use Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) to interpret issues and present users with probable answers based on previous support queries your team has answered. This removes much of the decision-making required to answer a query so you get through the issues quicker. The machine learning improves responses offered over time - our goal is to predict accurate replies for the vast majority of issues. So you provide better support at lower cost!
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