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eDesk vs Zendesk – The right help desk for every eCommerce seller

Choose eDesk to achieve massive cost savings; with unlimited AI-powered automations and direct integrations with Amazon, Walmart, eBay, Shopify, Mirakl plus 250 more.

eCommerce specialists



Marketplace integrations

300+ no-code integrations

No marketplace integrations

Webstore integrations

All major webstores

Limited integrations

Smart AI-powered inbox



Responsive, fast support



Automations, templates & snippets


Not on marketplaces

Save over $4k per month by switching to eDesk and implementing AI-powered automations

Our help desk powers support for thousands of eCommerce businesses worldwide

Total eCommerce support, without the expensive add-ons

Get the integrations you need at no additional cost

The whole point of using an eCommerce help desk is to be able to consolidate the messaging from Amazon, eBay, and all your other selling and communication channels into a single, organized inbox. 

With that said, a help desk without native marketplace and webstore integrations would be crazy, right? We agree. That’s why eDesk natively integrates with over 200 marketplaces (Amazon, eBay, Walmart, Mirakl…) and platforms (Shopify, Facebook, ShipStation…), at no extra cost to our customers. With just a couple of clicks, you can easily pull all your customer messaging into one smart inbox. No add-ons needed

Unfortunately, Zendesk falls way short on this front. If you want to integrate your marketplaces and other platforms through their software, you’ll have to pay for costly third-party apps and other subscriptions.

Use AI built for eCommerce to get the most out of your efforts

While eDesk and Zendesk Suite both offer AI tools, there’s a big difference: eDesk is built JUST for eCommerce sellers. That means every facet of our technology is designed to help online sellers like you save time, streamline communications, and slay customer support. 

Just a few of the key features we offer include smart auto-responders for when you’re unavailable, templates to save you time on answering FAQs, and auto-translation so you can communicate with customers from around the world. But perhaps one of our most exciting AI features is our smart customer segmentation. With segmentation, certain customers can be automatically grouped and assigned custom SLAs so you can easily make sure your top shoppers get the VIP treatment. 

What do all these features have in common? They let you work smarter, not harder to provide personalized customer support that sets your business up for real growth and success.

Get a complete view of your customers without switching screens

With eDesk’s exclusive Customer View feature, you can say goodbye to the hassle of switching between screens to get a complete 360° view of a customer’s interactions with your business.

eDesk brings all customer conversations and order history into one central location. This provides the multichannel context your support agents need to respond faster, and more accurately to support tickets. 

Get personalized support and fast onboarding

Don’t wait months for onboarding or support. Larger help desk solutions may not prioritize smaller businesses or allocate sufficient resources to cater to their needs.

At eDesk, we are experts in eCommerce and understand the challenges and problems teams like yours are trying to solve. Our deep understanding of small businesses and eCommerce ensures you and your team will get personalized and proactive support to resolve any hurdles you may face. 

Plus, our dedicated onboarding specialists will have you up and running in just a few minutes. And, with our native integrations, you’ll quickly and easily be connected to all your selling channels without having to deal with any add-ons. 

Access insights that truly matter

Don’t let limited and fragmented reporting capabilities hinder your business growth. When it comes to delivering actionable eCommerce insights, eDesk wins hands down.

With eDesk’s powerful built-in reports, you can easily analyze support team performance, customer and order data, product trends, and sales across all your selling channels – from one central location. Gain deeper and more meaningful insights, and take your business to new heights.

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say eDesk have high quality support vs. 83% for Zendesk


say eDesk is easy to use vs. 83% for Zendesk


say eDesk is easy to set up vs. 79% for Zendesk

We found integration super easy...the software is simple to navigate...

“We found integration super easy, and the eDesk team is a great support when setting up new channels. From a user perspective, the software is simple to navigate, especially the live reporting, both for day-to-day users and our leadership team.”

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See what Zendesk customers are missing out on...



Shopify, Magento and BigCommerce, WooCommerce, Wix, PrestaShop

Shopify only


200+ native marketplace integrations

Social media



Smart AI-powered inbox

Ticket customization


Order modification


Customer-centric view

Automated feedback requests

Live chat

Knowledge base







Order segmentation


Order sentiment




Customer support



User-friendly interface





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