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How to Sell Successfully on Macy’s Marketplace


Macy’s is one of the most well-known department stores in the world, having first opened its doors over 160 years ago. As a department store, Macy’s sells a varied range of products including clothing, shoes, accessories, beauty products, home goods, furniture, kitchen appliances, and electronics. In 2022, Macy’s Marketplace was launched, allowing third-party sellers to put their own products in Macy’s virtual shop window.

Should I sell on Macy’s?

Macy’s has established itself as a go-to destination for fashion and lifestyle, so if your products fall into either of these categories, you will find plenty of opportunities to be explored as a Macy’s seller. The platform boasts 6 million daily visits and 42.7 million active shoppers, proving it to be a hit with their target audience. 

The vast range of product categories on offer presents the perfect opportunity for you to test out new categories for your brand risk-free.  Similarly, Macy’s is using the marketplace model to test out new product categories for their own brand, which could present even more opportunities for your business to expand into new categories on Macy’s in the future.

Our marketplace complements our existing omnichannel strategy and is another platform we will use to find the most efficient distribution strategy for our partners. Not only will we continue to maximize brands and existing assortments, but we will use the marketplace to test and customize our assortments based on customer demand,” 

– Josh Janos, Macy’s, Inc. vice president of marketplace.

Benefits of Selling on Macy’s

Trusted brand

Macy’s experienced over 2.1 Billion visits to Macys.com in 2022. The platform is a trusted brand in the retail industry, and customers often rely on its reputation for quality and reliability. Being associated with such a trusted and fast-growing marketplace can open your business up to new audiences, leading to increased sales and a broader customer base.

Inclusion in promotions

Selling on Macy’s marketplace offers a unique opportunity for inclusion in their loyalty program and promotions, providing sellers with unparalleled exposure to a vast and loyal customer base to help boost visibility and sales. According to Macy’s star reward members accounted for around 70% of total Macy’s brand owned, and marketplace sales in 2022. 

Curated experience

As Macy’s are quite selective when it comes to which sellers and products they accept as third-party sellers on their marketplace, if accepted you can benefit from lowered competition, ensuring your products get more face time with Macy’s customers.

Support and training

Macy’s Sellers receive an abundance of tools and resources to be successful and grow their business.

How to Become a Macy’s Verified Seller

Getting set up to sell on any of Macy’s involves a straightforward process. Firstly, it’s important to note that Macy’s only accepts applications to sell on their curated marketplace at certain times throughout the year. So you’ll want to fill in the quick form here to get notified of when they are accepting new applications. 

Macy’s is an invite-only marketplace, so if you’re lucky enough to have your application accepted, you’ll want to be sure the products you plan to list are compliant with the following key selling guidelines

  • Sellers can only list items that fall within contractually agreed-upon categories.
  • Sellers must price items competitively.
  • Sellers may only sell items that are not currently sold through Macy’s 1P or another 3P seller.
  • Sellers’ products are required to have GS1 certified UPCs.
  • No items that weigh over 150 lb. and/or require scheduled deliveries may be sold through the Marketplace.

Don’t let the exclusive nature of Macy’s curated marketplace deter you from selling on the platform. After all, if accepted as a marketplace seller you can be sure your products are a perfect fit for Macy’s customers, and you’ll benefit from lower competition levels.

Costs associated with selling on Macy’s

When it comes to costs, sellers will be subject to three different fee types, all of which are standard for online marketplaces.

  • Listing Fee – $0.30
  • Sales Commission -15%
  • Payment processing fee – $2.50

As the name suggests, the listing fee will be charged for each item you list on the marketplace, whereas the sales commission and payment processing fee will only be charged when you make a sale. These fees are deducted from the seller’s earnings before they are paid out. 

How to Sell Successfully on Macy’s Marketplace

Inventory management and listing optimization
Efficiently managing inventory and optimizing marketplace listings plays a crucial role in your success. Maintain a well-managed and current inventory to avoid stock outs or overselling. Enhance product listings by incorporating high-quality images, detailed descriptions, and relevant keywords. Ensure your listings are optimized for SEO and regularly update product information to reflect any changes or additions, maximizing the impact of your listings on Macy’s.

Take advantage of on-site promotions

Macy’s dominates when it comes to flagship promotions like Black Friday, with customers flocking to the site searching for great offers. Don’t miss your opportunity to get in on the action, as a third-party seller you can participate in flagship and category-specific sales and promotions.

Follow Policies & Guidelines
Policies and guidelines play a vital role in ensuring a smooth selling experience. Establish clear and transparent policies for shipping, returns, and customer satisfaction and ensure you stick to them to avoid unhappy customers. Familiarize yourself with the policies set by Macy’s to avoid account suspension for non-compliance, such as;

  • Time for returns: Macy’s offers a 30-day return policy for all items sold on their platform.
  • Delivered on time percentage: Sellers are expected to maintain a delivered on time percentage of at least 95%.
  • Customer questions: Sellers are required to respond to customer questions within 24 hours.
  • Maximum delivery time: The maximum delivery time for standard shipping is 10 days.
  • Shipping requirements: Sellers must provide tracking information for all orders and are responsible for shipping costs.
  • Product requirements: All products sold on Macy’s must meet their quality standards and be accurately described in the listing.
  • Prohibited items: Certain items, such as counterfeit goods and weapons, are prohibited from being sold on Macy’s

Failure to comply with Macy’s policies could result in your seller account being suspended.

Leverage Macy’s seller support 

Macy’s have put together a comprehensive seller guide including onboarding documents, inventory upload templates and more to help you get started. Make use of these documents to ensure your marketplace operations run as smoothly as possible so you can get set up as quickly as possible and start selling right away. 

Make customer service a priority

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To excel on Macy’s marketplace, prioritize outstanding customer service. Respond promptly to inquiries, offering clear product details for informed decisions. Streamline order processing, keeping customers informed with transparent updates and tracking information. Foster trust and loyalty by implementing a hassle-free return policy. Embrace customer feedback—both positive and constructive—as a tool for ongoing improvement. By making customer satisfaction a priority, you enhance your reputation and ensure a lasting and positive presence on the platform.

In conclusion, becoming a verified seller on Macy’s is a strategic move for businesses in the fashion and lifestyle category, offering unique advantages such as lower competition, inclusion in promotions, and a trusted brand association. Leveraging competitive pricing strategies, efficient inventory management, consulting Macy’s onboarding documents, and adherence policies are key to successful selling. Additionally, prioritizing exceptional customer service not only fosters trust and loyalty but ensures a lasting and positive presence on the platform. By embracing these strategies, sellers can tap into Macy’s vast audience, boosting brand awareness and driving sales revenue in the dynamic world of e-commerce.