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September Product Roundup: New reporting functionality, ManoMano integration and more!

Last updated December 15, 2023 4 min to read
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If you’ve been following eDesk’s journey, you’ll be delighted to hear about our newest advancements. 

Our team has been tirelessly working to enhance your eDesk experience and provide more value to your eCommerce business. We’ve introduced powerful Report Extracts, a new ManoMano Integration, AI template multi-language detection, and we have an eagerly anticipated Chatbot on the horizon.

Don’t miss the chance to explore these groundbreaking new features.

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Hot off the Keyboard

Get Powerful Insights at Your Fingertips With Report Extracts

Introducing Report Extracts, a powerful feature that allows you to extract the data you’re interested in, and put it in a .csv file. The extracted data can be per ticket, channel, Agent, tag, and language, and you can apply filters to control what to include and exclude.

eDesk’s Report Extracts offer the power to access vital ecommerce data, customize insights, and gain historical perspective for a comprehensive performance overview. More than a feature, they’re a strategic tool for data-driven decisions, improving customer care, optimizing operations, tracking performance, and gaining a competitive edge.

How it works: Simply navigate to “Insights > Reports > Reporting Extracts” within the eDesk platform. A Reports page will open where you can access previously generated reports or generate new reports by defining your criteria in the Request a new report window. Once your report is ready, you’ll receive a download link on the Reports page. Simply click the link to download the report in CSV format.

Check out our Report Extracts Support Article

Report extracts are available to customers on Agent based Professional and Enterprise plans and Performance+ 1,000 and above. Learn more about our plans here.

We now integrate with ManoMano marketplace 🇫🇷

We are delighted to announce a fantastic addition to our suite of native marketplace integrations. eDesk now integrates with ManoMano, the leading European marketplace for DIY, home improvement, and gardening enthusiasts.

Say goodbye to juggling between eDesk and ManoMano for multichannel support. eDesk customers can now Centralize their ManoMano tickets and order data alongside your other sales channels, all within one unified inbox. 

Maximize efficiency by utilizing intelligent automations to seamlessly translate, assign, prioritize, and address customer queries from ManoMano. Collaborate effortlessly with team members and third-party suppliers to promptly resolve inquiries from ManoMano customers. Plus, access invaluable insights into your ManoMano transactions, customer interactions, and support performance, providing you with a comprehensive understanding of your business operations.

How it works: Once your ManoMano store has been connected, eDesk will automatically import your ManoMano data directly into your eDesk account -It’s as simple as that. Now you can view all your ManoMano orders and buyer messaging in your inbox alongside order data and customer information in the right-hand side of every single ticket.

Check out our ManoMano support article

AI Agent Assist and Handsfree reply suggestions now in multiple languages!

We are thrilled to announce a significant enhancement to eDesk AI! Our latest update brings an advanced language detection feature to our AI-powered responses, enabling you to harness the power of AI with your multilingual customer base!

Desk AI already suggests templates to agents based on the AI classification, and if Handsfree is enabled, respond to chosen queries automatically.

With this new update, it will go a step further by detecting the language of incoming messages, then suggesting quick and suggested replies (Agent Assist) or automatic replies (Handsfree) using the correct language version of the template you’ve created; like this example below:

How it Works: Provided that you’ve added a translation to that existing language template in your Template settings and mapped that multilingual template to the relevant classification (eg. Cancellation, Refund, etc), our AI will do the rest and match that incoming customer query with the correct language version of the template.

eDesk AI features are available to customers on any of eDesk’s Performance + plans. To learn more about our pricing, click here.

What’s next from eDesk?

At eDesk, innovation is at the heart of everything we do. Take a sneak peek at some of the exciting projects we have in the works!

💬eDesk Chatbot Functionality Coming Very Soon!

Get ready for chatbot functionality! With this enhancement, you will be able to provide structured options for shoppers to choose from. For each option, you can connect various responses, answers, or links to additional content. This will help divert routine queries away from your customer support agents, allowing them to focus on addressing more complex customer queries. We can’t wait for you to explore this exciting new feature – stay tuned for more details on the release date.

🛒eDesk has it’s sights set on Bol.com as its next integration.

Work is underway to add Bol.com, the Netherlands and Belgium’s largest online retailer, into eDesk’s expansive collection of 200+ marketplace integrations. This exciting development will enable eDesk users to enhance their eCommerce customer support and extend their reach across new marketplaces.”

✨ Increased AI Classification coverage expansion is on its way.

Our team continues to work hard behind the scenes to develop the AI classification coverage for eDesk tickets, increasing accuracy, and broadening the range of ticket classifications available. These improvements will provide you with more flexibility to align your support processes with your unique business needs, resulting in quicker response times and higher customer satisfaction. Your continued support is appreciated as we strive to make eDesk AI more powerful and precise.

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