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Author: Dermot O'Connor

Best Shopify shipping apps in 2022 cover

Best Shopify shipping apps in 2023

Shopify shipping apps: what are they, and why do you need them? Let’s say you’re an entrepreneur running a Shopify store. You’ve set up your

13 Best live chat apps for Shopify cover

13 Best live chat apps for Shopify

Many eCommerce companies use the Shopify platform to run their business. And with good reason. Shopify has a huge market share in the US and

Help Scout live chat alternatives in 2023

Before we even look at Help Scout live chat alternatives, including eDesk’s Live Chat, let’s take a step back and look at today’s communications environment

Best Zendesk Chat alternatives cover

Best Zendesk Chat alternatives

We know our Live Chat tool is the best Zendesk messaging alternative for online sellers, and we want you to come to that conclusion too,