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In 2019, eDesk acquired FeedbackExpress, the much loved Amazon feedback tool, for safely requesting and boosting seller feedback and reviews. Over the years we’ve listened to and learned from our FeedbackExpress customers and brought their best insights to reality in our eDesk Feedback product.

FeedbackExpress customers now love eDesk Feedback’s 100% compliant and automated system for gathering more feedback and reviews safely. They also love the fact that they can gather reviews across Amazon, eBay, Trustpilot and Google My Business, effectively increasing conversions on their webstores too.


Get up to 52% more Amazon reviews and feedback.

Now you can automatically trigger official Amazon rating requests using the same system behind the Request a Review feature in Seller Central. No manual clicking per order, no worrying about restrictions—just a fully automated process that is 100% compliant with Amazon’s policies.

Here’s why it outperforms your own messages…


The only feedback solution built right into a unified customer service help desk.

Fewer negative reviews and negative feedback

Because feedback functionality is linked directly to a complete customer service help desk, you can instantly block scheduled requests to certain buyers who are unhappy with your product or service—thus reducing negative reviews and feedback.

Higher engagement rates with your buyers

Just made a customer happy with a super fast response to their query? Now you’ll be able to send your feedback or product review request there and then, greatly increasing the likelihood of getting a positive feedback or review.

More channels, more features, more feedback and reviews!

FeedbackExpress was the Amazon feedback tool trusted across more than 10 Amazon marketplaces, but eDesk Feedback can help you build trust and visibility for everywhere you sell.

For multichannel sellers, that just hasn’t been possible from one place until now. Amazon has its own review system, eBay has its own, Trustpilot is fantastic for web stores but it’s yet another system—and if you want to bolster conversions through Google search—well that’s another system.


eDesk Feedback brings it all together for one simple price.

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