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The ultimate Helpdesk for Aircall customers

eDesk’s seamless Aircall integration helps you connect incoming and outbound voice calls, with email, chat, and social queries, all in one power-packed Helpdesk.

Over 1,000 Aircall Users use eDesk daily

Use Aircall data to maximise customer satisfaction

Seamlessly make and receive calls within eDesk within eDesk so so you can keep all your customer records up to date 
and view all your customers’ interactions and order details in one place.

Everything in one place

When you connect Aircall with eDesk, you can view current and historic calls, add notes in real-time and attach customer information such as the email and order, so you can keep a consistent record of all your customers’ interactions in a single place.

Speed up response times

eCommerce sellers like you can provide great customer support faster than ever by connecting all voice, email, chat and social interactions with related order and fulfillment information and putting it at their support agents’ fingertips.

First contact resolution

Aircall’s cloud infrastructure means calls can be distributed evenly amongst support agents, and our Smart Inbox connects current information with every previous interaction the customer has had, to enable more productive conversations and the first contact resolution buyers crave.

Join other Aircall users using eDesk to deliver amazing customer support

eDesk is a powerful helpdesk for eCommerce retailers and online sellers that combines customer interactions from your website, marketplaces, and all your social channels into a simple dashboard that your team will love.

Purpose-built eCommerce helpdesk for online sellers

eDesk connects all markets to the same dashboard and displays all of your customer messages and order details in one place. This means you will never miss a query again.

Deal with the increase in customer queries more efficiently

eDesk helps businesses to deal with this increased volume of customer queries through both its automated and one-click response features.

Improve team performance with better reporting

eDesk’s reporting feature helps you to plan and improve team performance through its team performance metrics. This enables you to identify peak support and ticket volume times so you can ensure that you maintain speedy response times and never miss a query.

Feedback tool that helps you sell more

eDesk targets positive feedback with smart selective requests to increase positive reviews on Amazon, eBay, Trustpilot, and more. This leads to more sales for your business.

The simple way to manage Aircall customer support

Seamlessly integrate with countless other channels.

eDesk natively integrates with 200+ marketplaces, webstores and fulfillment channels. Forget logging into multiple marketplace mailbox—eDesk centralises all of your customer support queries from all your channels in one place.

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